Monday 11 November 2019

The wall fell 30 years ago....

The fall of the Berlin wall,
30 years ago….
People wanted the wall to fall,
the change started by people….
not governments..

Years ago I spoke to a woman
who lived 'behind the wall',
and she said:
'Our son asked us, why we didn't do something before.
I couldn't give him a straight answer,
but when I thought about it....:
'We didn't even think about it!,
it was not in our system……!'

That is what systems/governments can do....
we 'forget' about us and..
the only way out is consciousness and
taking responsibility.

Now there is change in other country's,
it also starts with people….
If there is a majority,
there will be changes as well,
other 'walls will fall'....

I listened to this music when thinking/meditating
about walls….
Is it time to let all walls fall?!?

After a while I realised that the
answer is 'No'....
and I was a bit shocked in the beginning
and then:
We only can let walls fall,
if we have strong 'walls'/boundaries ourselves,
if we choose to let go,
deal with emotions
and take our responsibility back.

I realised that a lot of us have not strong boundaries,
we have a lot of negative self talk,
we look at society and think 'we don't measure up'.
I saw someone mention
all the things she didn't do on facebook,
as if  she had 'to proof'
that she is not as good as people think she is
-by the way: she is amazing!!-

What I read were things,
she thinks,
 society wants from her....
'I don't iron the clothes.....'
so what:
you CHOOSE to do something
that is better for YOU and.....
if someone else likes to iron their clothes:
that is THEIR choise…..
you can only make them
if you realise that there ARE choices..

She had a long list and
I am sure I can make a long list as well....
probably a lot of you can do that to....
Society programs us….
we can change these programs....
if we choose to
take our time....

Most likely if someone would
ask you, your strong points,
you have a short list...
most likely a list
that takes you a long time to make....

'Shine on....'

Being authentic is a path,
we have so many programs and patterns in our system,
that we started to believe things about us,
that are not true,
that are not ok for us,
but where ok for our parents
and there society.
Not all of them are bad,
we only have to realise
we have a choice now,
 a choice to choose what is good for us.

Some walls need to go,
but can only come down
if we think for our selves,
and find out what is good for us.
This sounds so easy,
but isn't always.

I still find it very challenging
to take time for ME.
I Know it is good,
and....part of me
-old programs-
let me think that it takes
away time I should use for others...
How is that for you?

If we do what is good for us,
it will also be good for the people around us.
It could be tough in the beginning,
because there is a change
and 'we people' like stability ;-)

It is as teenagers/students
who start living by themselves,
after getting a job.
They have to run a household,
clean a house,
deal with money,
deal with roommates/partners,
cook a meal and.....
realising that it is different then they thought it was.

Perhaps that is what is going on in society right now:
there is a change,
and we have to find our way...
a new way,
respect each other,
knowing we all are letting go walls,
setting boundaries
and are on a path to ourselves,
and to a world of peace and happiness.

Be patience with yourself and each other.
Walls will fall
and we start dealing with a new world,
with more space more freedom,
more responsibility.

-Did you know that the person who
developed a cure against leukemia
get's it out after years of lobbying?
They didn't want to use it because there would
not be enough took him years,
but he found a way …-

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