Thursday 21 November 2019


In 1516 Thomas More wrote 'Utopia'.
It was the last time we had Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn,
the next time is Jan. 2020.
He wrote 2 books: the first about the corruption and
mis-use of power in society.
the second about an idealistic Island,
where everyone respect everyone….

Are we ready to create a world like this?!?
Let's start to create it in our selves….
starting with a healthy body,
and a peaceful mind..
Are we ready to choose….

In 1982 we also had the connection with Saturn and Pluto,
it was only in an other sign, Libra.
This sign has to do with relationships.
If you look back
you can see
that a lot has changed in relationships since then.

Before that,
marriage to someone of the other sex and
staying married for ever was the norm.
It was not an easy time for a lot of people.
People had to let go of old patterns,
had to learn that there is also an 'I' in a relation,
and to respect other with an other choice.
I went to Oman in 1982
and 'had to' write a letter to my aunts and uncles
to come to me if they had problems with my choices,
and shouldn't bother my parents with it.....

All the people who are born in this time,
have there 'Astrological Midlife crises' at the moment.
Can you be YOU in a relationship
AND can you be Together as well....

A lot has changed:
There is mediation now, if needed,
when people go through a divorce.
More people realize
that children remember...
if not conscious, then subconscious.
Some people decide to have operations,
to change the sex,
because they feel they have 'the wrong body'...
So many changes...

In 1914 and in 1947
we had Saturn and Pluto together as well.
After the first world war it was tough for the people in Germany,
and Hitler could stand up:
He wanted to create a new world.
How hurt must he be,
to mis-use power in that way...

After the war it was a time to find out
who we where as individual:
people worked hard,
and there was a big change in the world.
There where leaders and....
there where dictators.....
Powerful people and....
insecure people who 'needed' to mis - use power..

Is the energy in you….
YOUR energy or.....
do you still have energy
from your (grand)parents,
your society in you,
that is old?

Do you need illness,
tough situations,
power struggle,
do you choose
to give your energy
to 'Utopia'.....
YOUR Utopia...
Do you have an image of it,
can you FEEL how it is
to live like that….

I have both...
I have an image, can feel it
sometimes I am in 'old energy' and
I have to make a conscious decision to let go:
choose love above fear,
choose Be instead of Do,
choose happy instead of sad.

Take time to imagine,
take time to make YOUR Utopia!

This is my old time favorite song:
'If I could do magic…..'

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