Monday 10 February 2020


Today there will be a full moon and
there is a storm warning in Holland..


This full moon is about being your unique self
AND be part of a group…..

a storm...

I decided to take a walk,
before it would be to dangerous.
It felt great :-)

I realised that walking in the storm
is just like living:
sometime if is not easy to go forward
because of the strong wind.
You have to make a conscious decision to go on.

It is as if something 
that is not going as you like it to be,
and accepting the situation as it is,
is challenging.
It is as when you feel down, or are sick,
or a loved one is going trough a rough situation
and you can not solve it for them.
It also can be if you feel you are not accepted
by a group/like minded people
you have a different opinion.

In a situation like that,
it is not always easy to see the positive signs

If you look at these signs,
then you realise you are being helped
that nature is strong...

Can you be YOU?
Being yourself and different from the family you come from
and still feeling loved?
Have a different religion, political choice,
or sexual preference and still be respected?
Can you choose different from the people around you 
and still feel loved?
Can a child be itself and still feel loved by there parents?
Can parents trust there child and let them make 'mistakes'
let them grow in there own time?
Can you respect the choice of someone close
who chooses to die,
even though you would want them to live...
All 'stormy' situations....

Sometimes in a storm,
the wind is behind you
you are pushed forward
quicker then you want
and....sometimes it is hard to see were you go...

There are situations that life is pushing you forward:
If you are in love with someone who lives in a different country,
as you lose your job,
or are confronted with people around you
who don't have a lot of time left in this world...

Those are time you HAVE to choose for YOU....
not what other people want you to do...


Loes asked me to go to a performance of modern dance.
I loved it straight away 
even though I didn't no the theme.
The performance was called
'Let me be me'

It started with birth.
The dancers were on the floor
when we came in
and stayed there till the performance started.
It felt like a long time....
The music and dances were about being YOU,
about the storms in some ones live,
opinions from others
and that you can choose….
choose to 'dance'
and being your unique self,
instead of 'waiting' for the end...

-If you live in Holland you should go!


A few years ago I got a nice mug from a friend.
At that time we were close and saw each other often.
He was the husband of a 'friend'.
I put 'friend' because at that time
she called me her friend and I didn't feel like that.
We did a lot together and still….
something was 'off' 
I was not secure enough to use my intuition,
could not me ME in a group…...not all the time.
Her husband, however was different,
we had  a click.
He was a lot older, but that didn't matter.

A few weeks ago something happened:

The angel fell of...
it made me think.
I saw him last year and then his health was not so good,
his mind was great tough :-)
'I asked this morning for an angel
and now you are here :-)'

Last week he died:
an angel in heaven.
He had a lot of storms in his life
and it was not always easy for him,
Now he is at peace and I am sure very happy!

Looking back,
I realise how I was always being guided..


The flowers are blooming
The storms in my life,
helped me
to become me.

People came in my life,
some stayed,
others left.
I am grateful for all

Looking back is good,
to recognize old patterns
so you can change them.
make sure you don't look there all the time:
that is not the way you are going,
we are going forward!

A full moon and a storm:
time to look back
and let go.
Be grateful
and go forward

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