Sunday 2 February 2020


Only time.....

The flower is almost blooming :-)
I thought it would be a red one,
because I saw some red in the petals.
I also thought there were two flowers.

Today I see they are white
and...there are tree flowers :-)

How often do we expect something
and are not open for a different outcome,
perhaps even a better outcome …...

We don't have to defend ourselves,
we only have to be honest….
Energy is honest and true.
If you feel that someone did something bad to you,
you have a choice….
You can hold a grudge,
or you can forgive,
and let time/energy find a way.
Truth always wins.

I bought a puzzel with a twist.
This was the scene and..

the puzzel would show what would happen after...

We started making the puzzel
and it was sometimes challenging:
you look at the picture and expect that you
 'only have to copy'
that doesn't work...

It is like a lifecycle plan:
YOU are the plan,
and have to imagine…..
live life,
be patient...
it will take exactly the time it needs...

The result of the puzzel was amazing
and....lot's of energy going on,
unexpected events ;-)
A new month,
Mercury in it shadow.
Choose to be YOU,
you don't have to prove anything.
Enjoy life

If the result what you see today,
doesn't make you happy
kNOW you can make an other choice
take your time....

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