Monday 24 February 2020

Ending and new beginnings.....

I was so happy 
when the Amaryllis bloomed
and I enjoyed it.
They were not red as I expected,
but beautiful, all the four flowers.

It is just as
when you finished a project,
reached your goal,
got a new job,
a new relationship,
a child is born:
it is time to celebrate,
to enjoy.

when the last of the four flours started blooming,
the first one started dying…..
I realised that it was good that I really enjoyed the flowers,
because they didn't bloom a long time...
it was also time for something new again...

It could make you sad 
when you see the end of a nice period.
It can also make you realise 
that you should live in the NOW.
being grateful and celebrating,
when it is time.
Life is moving all the time,
that is how we grow,
how nature grows.
We don't know how much time there is,
so use it wisely.

If I look at the time from bulb to flower,
I realise that there are tree parts.
The first, from bulb to stem
it took 3 months…..
The second, from bulb to flower 
about 1 1/2 months
and the third part, the blooming,
was 'only' about one or two weeks...

Is this not exactly what life is?
Preparing takes a lot of time,
it is an inside job,
finding out what you would like 
if it is done,
you have to be patient and wait.

Sometime you think it will never come,
because you don't see anything
and then….
when you see the green stem growing,
you can not wait,
you WANT to see it....

-at one time I thought that perhaps it would
stay a green stem and I should throw it out,
because 'Christmas is over and it should have bloom then!'-

How often did we prepare
and didn't wait for a project/relationship/study/job
to bloom….
because we were inpatient and didn't trust...

And than,
when you see the result,
you are happy
and part of you want it to stay as it is....always...
our comfortzone.....
that is not what live is.....
it is growing all the time,
to become the best you can be.

Here you see the shadow or flowers at the end of there blooming time...
I had to throw them out because the leaves and petals were falling.
I tried to keep them,
but it was not possible.
If you touched them 
or there was a movement,
the petals were falling....
But still….
the shadow showed a great bouquet.

If something ends,
we want to have as much time as possible,
even if it is the end....
Always remember the shadow….
our memories will stay.

This is the case with 
letting go of loved ones,
or when you finish a study and start to work.
When you start a new relation
or going trough a divorce.
It is when you let go of old patterns and behaviour.
A part of you wants to keep the old,
understandable if it is good,
only a part of you want it
even if it is not good for you
or the people around you.

Be grateful for the good times,
remember them 
and....KNOW that live goes on....
I already see the signs in nature

the bulbs I planted in the garden started growing a few weeks back as well
I see the green....not the flowers ….yet.
-I realise that I trust AND....I can practise more patience ;-)-

Every ending is the beginning of something new.
We need courage and determination,
take time to go inside, 'feed the bulb',
and start a new 'adventure'.

The last weeks were emotional challenging weeks:
some people died, one old, the others young
I heard from some who got 'a bad message',
and some had to take responsibility of there behaviour,
in a tough way.
I also heard news of new life.
All in one week.
Emotional and ….good:
Ending and new beginnings

How is it in your live?
What do you have to let go
or...choose to go:
working to hard,
eating to much,
holding on to relationship that are not good for you, or
holding on to a job that is not good for you?

What is in your 'bulb'?
What kind of 'flower' do you want to see in the future?
Are you open for something unexpected?
Do you take time to go inside?

Can you be grateful?
Know you did the best you could at the time,
and can choose something new every day.
Can you forgive and love again?
And....if you are in a 'renovation'
with all these storms and wind and rain...
can you still trust it will be ok?

Mercury will be retrograde till March 6,
time to look inside,
talk to yourself in a loving way.

Can you find 3 things every evening to be grateful for?

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