Sunday 29 August 2021

Let's cheer and be grateful for what we have in our live, so we can attract more!

 A few weeks ago I saw a post about children in Lebanon.

They were cheering when the electricity went on again and

some people didn't like that: 'it should be on all the time!' should....



doesn't it show that we forgot to be grateful?

Forgot to be grateful for what we have.....

that we need the lack of it, 

before we see how special it is...

That we 'expect' and 'want' so much

and forget that not all is a matter of course....

Could it be that we are in a time 

to re-learn to be grateful again.

Grateful for what we have,

instead of waiting for the universe to 'help' us see it....

Grateful for a healthy body,

treating it in a respectful way

-even if we are not sick-

or better: 

because we respect our body.

Realising that we are nature,

so we need to respect nature,

before it shows us 

that it is stronger than we think 

and also realise to respect small things:

a virus is small, but is very powerful....

How grateful are we?

Do we need another wake up call?

Do we 'just' expect to need more vaccinations,

and get them,

instead of making sure we work together with nature

so our immune system will work as it should be?

Do we include everyone in the world,

realising that we are all connected?

Do we respect nature or are we still misusing it,

destroying it and.....

by doing so, also ourselves....

How grateful are we of our image:

do we feel we have to show an image 

that we expect others want to see of us

or are we grateful for who we Are.....

Knowing we are unique and special

and it is important to show it....

so others feel they can show it as well....

Are we grateful for our relationships,

grateful of the mirrors they show us of ourselves,

helping us to heal....


do we need people to leave is,

to realise how important they are...

Do we need an illness to realise

that we should be grateful for the amazing 'vehicle'

our body is and

do we need people to die

before we are grateful they were in our lives.....?

How often do you tell people

they are important for you?

Are you listen to your dreams

or are you following your fears.....

I got a great opportunity to find out for myself:

we had a few visits with our family,

and they were all great.

I see challenges and highlights with them

and I react in the same way:

I am grateful and I trust......

I look at their lives and am grateful,

they deal with their fears and go for their dreams. 

My old way would be: 

'I have to help and give advise'.

Now I can 'just' look at it and enjoy,

Knowing it is good, just the way it is,

a special and liberating feeling!

When I think about the children in Lebanon cheering,

I am so grateful for the mirror children give us:

don't fall 'asleep', stay focused, stay grateful,

be happy and enjoy!

For me, this is they way to live,

so more of what you desire can come to you....

I left Holland a long time ago.....

I think it was a good thing:

it helped me to be myself,


I 'had' to come back a few times

to 'check' how far I had come and:

that was also a good thing.

You can move houses,

move to different country's,

have different relationships,


you can never walk away from yourself.

I got the opportunity to see 

if I could be myself in Holland.....

I can.....

Can I do it all the time?


but more and more ....

and I don't need to move to different country's anymore :-)

Being grateful helped a lot,

For me it feels like a magnet:

you attract what you are,

not what you have....

By dealing with your past:

accepting and healing,

love can come in again

and we all can be as children again

in an adult way!

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