Wednesday 1 September 2021

Let's cheer and be grateful for....


I broke two tea classes in two days:

'Let's cheer and be grateful...'

An Uranus sign: 

where in my life am I not my unique self,

am I choosing to much for others

and forget myself.....

I also had a sensitive stomach:

what did I eat what wasn't good for me


am I also taking other 'food' that isn't good for me....?

-other food: what I read/ see, people around me etc.-

I had to think about the snails in our garden.

I looked at them, liked them 

and I also saw that part of our garden

didn't have flowers and leaves:

they were being eaten by 'something',

we had no idea by what....

We had this last year and this year again.

I saw these snails on roads I walked,

I saw them in the forest and....

I just admired them.....

When I saw a big one just before our outside window

a few months ago, I made the connection:

perhaps snails are eaten the flowers and the leaves!

And....yes they did.....

We gave them a 'beer party'.....

Isn't this what happened sometimes in our lives:

we like people/situations/food 


they are not always good for us...

If we want to be ourselves and be free,

we have to set boundaries....

boundaries for ourselves....

This has consequents:

sometimes we have to let go of

things/people/animals/habits we like.

We like them and want to keep them


we have to let them go

to stay healthy 

and in peace and harmony with ourselves.

I am being challenged and I am grateful for it.

Even though I don't always like it, 

I realise this is part of healing to.

And then I needed another mirror.....

this time it took a little longer for me

to cheer and being grateful....

We were on a road and there was a detour.

I thought I knew the detour

and wasn't alert anymore:

I ended up going back home 

instead of to the place we were supposed to go....

Most of the time my co-driver

will put me in place ;-)

but this time he didn't......

My first thoughts:

'How come he didn't say anything now,

when it would have been useful!!'

It gave me time to process

and....I could be grateful.

How often do we think we Know and life shows us

that we still should focus and be open.....

perhaps it is not as we think how it is

are we stuck in old patterns....

Are we open to unlock these situations

and be in the now again or....

do we project......?

My first reaction to Jaap was feeling angry...

luckily I am already used to unlocking locks;-)

If you already unlocked some 'old locks'

it gets process, let go and you

'cheer and be grateful'.

Why is it so important to heal ourselves?

For me it is so others/the new generation

doesn't have to do it for us.....

We all can help the future generation

by clearing our Karma.

We first help ourselves: 

live will get easier by dealing with your hurt

and you feel more relaxed and happy.

By doing so,

we stop old patterns to go on

and help with the start of a new world,

were Love is the norm.


A new world in a responsible way,

everyone included,

letting go of old outdated patterns

so there is space for new:

let's cheer and be grateful.....


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