Monday 8 August 2022

August: Venus/Chiron and Uranus/mars/nodes......challenges/fun/healing......

August 1....

Zoe visited us and she showed me

how you can look at life,

how you can experience life.

She wanted to go on a swing.....

'to high for her'

'would she hold on?'

'what if she falls'.....

- my first thoughts..-

She just had fun and......

I realised she Knows....

she told me when she had enough:

'Off, off'......

She is curious, courageous,

falls down sometimes when she is running to fast

and looks at the adults around her.....

When we are relaxed she just stands up and goes on.

This way she will go on being curious

and learn to be cautious as well: 

falling down is not the best feeling.... 

and...sometimes it just happens.....

Are we still curious?

Are we open to learn new things,

Are we setting boundaries if people want us to stay in the old energy?

Zoe didn't want in her stroller after sitting on the swing,

she wanted to walk, on a bike path.....

in the middle on the white stripes....

I let her walk and.......

stepped aside if bikes came:

she waved and people waved back......

This time she could walk by herself - Uranus-

and I could be her Saturn: setting boundaries

in a way that made sure she was safe to be herself.

An other time we had to walk by a street,

she was tired, wanted to eat a strawberry

but didn't want to go back in the stroller...

She cried, was angry but.....

she had to go in.....

Holding on to her strawberry, a 'speen'/dummy in her mouth

she fell a sleep......

This time it was not a nice Saturn but a necessary one:

boundaries to make sure she was safe,

so she can be herself/unique later on.

Are we open for boundaries if they are needed,

to make our lives better but 

are not nice at the moment.....

can we wait or....

do we still want 'instant gratification'......

A new month, a month with Uranus/Mars very strong

and Venus 

-relationships/love what you do/beauty-,

in connection with Chiron....our wound.

Will we choose to have fun,

be adventurous and connect with our family's,

Knowing we are loved 

even if we are all unique and different?

Grote Wegdamse gezinnen, aflevering 11 – familie Groothuis (de Roze) - WegdamNieuws

There was an article about my dad's side of the family:

14 children. Great to read and even though there are differences,

they are still.....a family.

I talked about a spot on my knee:

Venus and skin are connected

are 'red' and Mars are.....

Apparently it could be that I was bitten by a tick....

A sign.......

August 8.....

It was a tick......

I had to make a choice:


Do I believe it will get better and I can be free as I like to be,


do I take antibiotics.....

something I didn't use for.....

'I don't know when I had to take it in the past?!?'

Do I still believe it is or/or,

or and/and......

'You have the first signs of Lyme disease 

and with this antibiotics it's most likely

this will get the job done'

I investigated and realised that this is a tricky bacteria:

it can hide in between cells,

so it can look like it is gone and.....

it can appear 'just like that' 

if you don't treat it properly.....

Boundaries, old patterns, a mature Saturn......

I realised that for me the choice was 'easy': and/and....

I had to use it And make sure I helped my body to deal with it.

I am very sensitive to if my body tells me:


be patient, take one day at a time.

I realise I still have my energy,

I still can do the things I want to do.

After 5 days my intestines became more sensitive:

are they helping me to let go of old emotions,

so I can replace them with better one's for me?!?

Can I choose what I like?

Do I know what I like?

- at the moment it is challenging for me to choose

'the right dress'.....also a sign ;-)-

Saturn/Uranus......connected with the Nodes and Mars.

Do we accept we have to go over the bridge called Chiron?

What is happening in your lives?

How is your body?

How is it with your family members?

Do you Know what you like,

or does it depend of the opinion of others?

Look at little children,

they show us how to deal with life:

they are open, curious, adventures,

and have fun.

Sometimes they fall,

sometimes that is not needed:

taking steps -Uranus- and being careful -Saturn-

Both of the times they will be encouraged 

to grow and or heal.

They feel safe to do this, 

because they Know and trust:

their parents will always be there....

Do we remember and trust

that the universe works the same way?

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