Thursday 25 August 2022


 At the end of this month we are still in the energy 

of Uranus/Nodes in Taurus with Venus and Saturn:

What do we send out and what do we attract....

These microphones are 'echo microphones'.

We used them in the wedding of my son and bonus daughter.

36 years ago,

the groom and his sister were 'fighting' over a microphone

in another wedding.

This time, 

their daughter and other children 

would use it at this wedding.

-they did it without 'fighting';-)-

There was however, a misunderstanding.

Apparently echo microphones can be loud as well:

these weren't....they didn't have battery's;-)

but some were worried about the noise.

It all went well :-)

It kept me thinking.....

Mercury is just in it's shade 

before it will go retrograde on Sept. 10,

in the signs Virgo and Libra.

Do we expect loud 'echo's',

very clear mirrors or.....

are we also open for subtle echo's and mirrors.....

What do we need to grow and heal.....

I hope and wish we all will look and listen to

 'the echo's' the coming time.


it is a lot easier to deal with subtle ones 

than  'loud' ones.......

The energy we are in,

is like the wedding we were part of:

2 people who love each other,

each a totally different background,

started a new life together-Uranus- 

and make it 'official' -Saturn-

One from Holland, one from Germany, 

living in England.

The guest were young and old.

One family with lot's of -bonus-grandparents,

half sisters/brothers,

bonus dad and:

even though there were a lot of challenges in the past,

they all came together to celebrate.

The other family smaller with members joining

on the screen with celebrations.

Then of course the chosen family:


some already in their lives for decades,

others years.

What a special group of people!

A 'Uranus' group: different colour,

gender, nationality and......

all open and unique,

respect for each other, 

lot's of humor and love


always be there for each other if needed....

How special to be part of it....

At the end of the day,

the bride went to bed,

children went to bed

the grandparents went to bed.

Some had to leave because of jobs


the groom

went to celebrate with the people

who wanted to do that.

Some joined,

some celebrated it in their own way.

Respect, giving each other space

to do what they choose to do,

what was best for them at that moment.

For me it is a reminder of the energy we are in now.

Can you be open,

listen to the echo of life.

Respect each other 

realising everyone has it's own view,

his own past, his own needs

and....that is ok.

It will help you to accept, let go and forgive.....

It will help you to let your own growth/ 'mistakes'

be the fertilizer.....for the next steps.

It helps you to realise we are all One...

I saw a quote from 'the Joker'

and loved it.

Accepting each other:

unconditional love.


'I love him,

not for the way he silenced my demons,

but for the way 

his demons danced with mine' 

- 'the Joker'-

Uranus/North node squaring Venus and Saturn....

Did I get echo's?

Yes I new phone didn't work:

no network..... 

So I walked with Zoe and no one could reach me....

I got 2 blisters on the soul of my food: 

walking to much on high heals... 

I felt relaxed with all the different people

and had fun with Zoe,

making sure her parents could enjoy the day.

I also realised that lot's of people

wanted the same thing

and Zoe is part of a big loving family,

I understand German, only speaking is challenging

and.....that was no problem: 

'you know more German than we know Dutch'.....

I have/had a tendency to feel guilty/shame of 'something'

but this time I didn't :-)

I realised I can AND be me, And be part of a group,

I realise I love seeing people happy 

and I will do what I can to help make the environment

as good as possible 


everyone makes their own happiness....

no one else can do it for them....

We were blowing bubbles and

Zoe tried to catch them:

you can not catch the bubbles.....

if you do they will burst....

You can however have fun with it

and trust there will be more 

and enough bubbles to come....

Children are amazing mirrors....

In this wedding there is a new born baby on the way....

Like the energy we are in now:

something new is coming....

can you trust, be patient and enjoy the time in between?

Are you open to listen to the echo's of life?

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