Friday 29 July 2022

Choose to let go and be free....step by step....

 Uranus is helping us 
to let go of the rock ....

This morning I woke up and saw a butterfly 

inside the house at the window.

 I opened the window and had 'to help'

it, so it could fly away 

back to the the garden.....

Isn't that what we often do:

staying at a place that is not the best for us,

and we need help to let go and feel the freedom again....

Where are we stuck, where am I stuck....

Am I the change that I want to see in the world

or am I to afraid.....

Do I remember that I am powerful beyond measure

or do I remember the lack of love if I showed

my power, my courage....

Lot's of situations came up from my past,

situation that has something to do with being YOU,

about Saturn and Uranus....

- I resigned my job when I had to let go of a child,

because the child of the manager wanted to join and there

was not enough space.

I couldn't do it and quit. A half year later I was asked

as a teacher for the English children and a bit later

it became the teacher of both: English and Dutch children.

It was tough to decide: I loved teaching

only....not the way they wanted me to do it....

Choosing for Me, gave me fear AND....more opportunity's

Uranus: everyone is equal....

Saturn: be patient.

-After my parents died, my brother suggested

we should celebrate every birthday together.

We were just back in Holland and we had our own

way to celebrate birthdays and I said that we would

choose to do it our way and....

we would still make sure we connected....

Saturn: family patterns. Uranus: doing something different

AND still belong to the group/family.

-Jaap started working for a German company. 

They all came in wearing a suit and tie. 

After a few days he stopped doing that:

'we don't do that in Holland!' and not long after,

only a few people were suits....

Apparently they needed someone to lead the way....

Saturn: traditional rules. Uranus: outside appearances are not important.

-Ones smoking was the norm.

Company's earned lot's of money selling them,

hiding research that it was not so healthy.

They manipulated by advertisement:

 showing 'cool' people smoked....

Now you choose for yourself if you want to smoke or not.

It is your decision and your consequences.

Saturn and Uranus: you need to know both sides to make a decision.


-With social media the world became bigger,

we could connect with people around the world in a cheap way,

we could get information in a cheap way.

Now we know that a cheap way is not always a good way.

Uranus: social media, we are all connected.

Saturn: we need to set boundaries and realise 

that the choices we make

come with consequences as well.

If we want to be free as a butterfly,

we have to find a middle way between Saturn and Uranus.

We have to realise that freedom is only freedom

if we can set boundaries as well.

We have to respect that we all are different,

all have our own life to live

and our own time and space


-because we are ONE-

respect each others choices....

We can challenge them,

should challenge them if they touch something inside of us

AND.....make a decision:

change ourselves or set boundaries

and let go.

-All the food there is to eat.....if we don't set boundaries,

our body can not function as we like it to do....

-If we want to have an ideal temperature in our house

and have heating and airco all the time,

if we want to travel to far away places,

we have to remember that we use nature


there are boundaries as well....

If we only take then at one time there is nothing left.....

-If we choose work that earns very well,

but it is something that doesn't make you happy,

you will end up in a burn out or an unhappy life.

You are stuck on the bridge, called Chiron.....

Remember: Money/love/power is all the same energy....

 Are you serious about delayed gratification.....

Can you wait.....

like you had to wait when you were in school/university

to get your certificate to be prepared for the job you love,

like you had to wait to drive a car by yourself,

by practicing and taking many lessons?

Are you determent and patient....

are you prepared to do what is needed......'study/test/re-test..'

What do you choose?

To be honest: 

sometimes I still do the first one....

I like to run away......

When I do I know and feel it..... 

something I didn't realise before.....

I am not punishing myself anymore:

I realise there is still some old pain.....

an old wound being touched....

I am on the bridge from Saturn to Uranus....

I am compassionate with my self


I remember situations in the past 

were I let go of my fear and showed courage,

situation like I mention above....

Remembering the results of my choices

makes me feel more confident 

to deal with whatever comes.


If you look back at your life,

were did you show courage,

did you use Uranus energy to be free?

Remember, imagine....

and you will feel that energy again

and it will feed your courage

to deal whatever is blocking you now!

You can be that butterfly.....

Always realise that freedom is only freedom

if there are boundaries as well....

-for me it is the image of traffic:

I feel safe and secure even though I 

have to wait for traffic lights and follow the traffic sign's....-Saturn-

they make sure that I am safe and free to travel

were ever I want to go -Uranus-.......-

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