Thursday 1 September 2022


 At the end of this month there will be 6 planets retrograde:

time to go inside,

time to look at mirrors,

accepting old habits/patterns that prevent you to feel safe and secure,

accepting and......letting go.....

If you know were you need change: 

choose to take inner action.

If you don't know were you need to change:

expect sudden revelations or unexpected situations

that help you to change.

With Mercurius retrograde  - starting on the 10th-

expect misunderstandings, traffic challenges

-in Holland there are strikes on the train and bus transportations-

Read careful, make sure that 

-if you sign something- 

you know what you sign for and......

realise it are 'only' mirrors......

Mirrors to show 

that there are still some miscommunications in yourself....

Are you the person who takes care to much for others,

or are you the person who needs to do a bit more for others.

The energy 'helps' you to bring balance....


realising that it is never a fixed point:

if it was we wouldn't grow and heal!

Make sure you enjoy life,

even if it is not always easy:

there is always something to be grateful of,

sometimes you 'just' have to choose to look for it....

It sounds so easy, and in a way it is.....only

we have so many old believes in our system....

We overeat......

as if there is not enough....

We compare ourselves with others......

as if we are allowed to take our own unique way

We buy 'stuff' we don't need.....

as if we only belong if we do what 'others' do.....

We judge others.....

hiding the judgement we have about ourselves.....

Mercurius retrograde will 'help'....

Let's remember we are all One:


have compassion,

take your time,

be friendly,

be patient,

trust and imagine......

Choose to be You,

choose to be forgiving,

choose love


take it one step at a time.

Choose to be happy

in your own unique way!

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