Monday 2 January 2023

2023....BE YOU!

 A new year, 2023.

A year starting and ending with Mercurius retrograde:

a year to start within.....

a year to re-think,

re-shape, re-set,

re-evaluate, re-do.....

It is a year about self worth, self esteem, 

relationship to our parents and children,

attachment, dependency, rejection, grieve, sharing.....

Also a year of new beginnings:

take action for a new start,

YOUR start!

You only can do this, 

if you nurture yourself

and know what YOU need.....

We are all in this transformation,

accepting that we are not there yet


we can choose to heal and take action

or stay in our victim role, self deception,

withdrawal and fantasy.

We are on the bridge....

the bridge from Saturn to Uranus

and we 'meet' Chiron 

-our wound- 

in the middle.

From 2010 till 2018 Chiron was in Pisces:

we learned to follow our intuition 

and manage our individual boundaries.

If we didn't: we could withdraw and 'step out',

be 'the victim'.....

From 2018 till 2027 Chiron is in Aries.

We are healing our identity and purpose:

self healing, self nurturing and moving forward.

We face our fears and hurt,

we accept it and....move on.

Move to the other side of the bridge

were we find Uranus....

our freedom to be ourselves

respecting others to be themselves as well....

It is also the year were two major planets

are moving signs.

Planets that are important for us as society.

Saturn will go from Aquarius to Pisces:

are we spiritual or 'floaty'....

are we grounded and in the process of healing

or do we act as an ostrich......

Do we believe 'our group' is right,

or do we realise we are all One group.

What will society do?

Will there be groups that put spirituality in a bad light

or do we realise more and more 

that there is more

than what we can see with our eyes.

Instead of 'floaty' we are spiritual,

we accept and Know this is part of us aswell.

Pluto will go from Capricorn to Aquarius.

When it went from Sagittarius to Capricorn,

we were confronted with the excesses of Sagittarius:

we wanted to much wasn't grounded....

Capricorn 'showed' us to be 'realistic' again

and in 2008 we had to come back 'to earth':

money, power and love is one energy...

What is going on now.....

Are there to many rules?

Do people live in fear instead of trust....

Do we realise we are all One

and that what happens with people

in other country's effects us as well......

Pluto in Aquarius will show us 

were our shadows are....


we have to deal with it, 'solve it'.

Social Media and internet -also Aquarius-

connects us with all people,

it gives us access to information


is there honesty, respect

or do we use it not always in the best way....

Pluto will make sure that we have to deal

with dishonesty.......

like the banks had to deal with dishonesty in 2008....

Mars is retrograde till Jan. 12.

Take that time to let go of mental fog:



re-act instead of react.

Till then go inside,

make a vision board it you didn't make one yet.

Be patient, trust.....

Know, that it is not the time to act in the outside world,

wait.....and go inside

probably you need to re- do something before acting.

Have an amazing 2023,

remember to ground if you are overwhelmed:

-walk, swim, go on a bike ride

-eat good food, read good books, see good movies

-treat your inner child with love and understanding

and be open to receive


-great people

-the job you dream of

-the partner that mirrors you and helps you grow.

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