Tuesday 17 January 2023

Almost ready to bloom....

Our tree in the garden....

We hoped it would survive.

Last year we cut dead branches

and new leaves came, only not so much.

Now there are fungi growing......

it doesn't look good.

I wonder if it is a mirror to let go.....

To let go of expectations/people/habits

that I 'want' to keep.....

not ready to let go,


they 'have' to move on


I 'have' to let go.....

-...choose to let go is the next step

and 'let it go of me' the last step...probably ;-)-

How is it with you?

What kind of mirrors did you get?

How did Mercury retrograde work for you?

Yesterday I heard that a client passed away,

I heard it on the news,

someone I saw once a year for many year.

It was a shock and I had to think about the mirror

I got just a few days ago....

My Amaryllis was just growing outside it's container...

Jan was a special man,

he became famous as a child,

lived his life as he choose to

and had a natural way of being himself:


Last year he had a reunion of the cast of this play

where he had the leading roll.

He took some props from that time and

talked about happy memory's

only to realise that some people

reacted in not such a nice way.

It made him a bit insecure....

Can we deal with authentic people?

Can you deal with authentic people/children?

How often can we 'just shine'

and BE......

How often do we feel deep down

that we have to proof ourselves.....

How often do we put others down

because our own insecurity.....

It was a year of 'freedom' for him,

I didn't expect that it would be freedom from this life.

'Outside the container'.....ready to bloom.

Are we ready to go outside our container?

Are we ready to be ourselves?

Jan worked with young people,

in schools, shelters

 helping them to be themselves.

He started new projects for schools.

I hope others will continue with this.


like schools, shelters

should remember that we live in a different time

so -young- people need different tools

to learn how to live in a new society.

I hope the directors and managers

have the courage to make these changes

in their systems,

so everyone can feel save to be themselves.

What can we do?

Are we going inside and remember our light?

I will remember a sentence from the roll Jan played:

'Ik bid niet vur breune bone!'.....

-I don't pray for kidney beans!-

He didn't want to pray for something he hated.

He said it in a time when food was scares

and you had to be grateful for everything on your plate.

Do you dislike something but....

'think' you have to accept it 'because'......

Are you open to question this thought

and......let it go?

Or....can you let is go of you..... 

I will remember Jan as someone who was questioning everything,

authentic, pure and.... 

not always remembering

that he 'just' had to shine.....

shine 'above the container'.....

He was very close to his family

and I am sure he will be missed.,

I am sure he made a change in this world,

a change to help us move into this 'new age'


I am also human:

 I would have liked him to be a 100

and be in the spotlight again....

People thanking him for being the leader

that showed them 

that being YOU

was the only thing you had to be...

I Know he would be proud

and.....I believe,

he will see it from were he is now....


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