Wednesday 24 May 2023

Are you in a hurry?

What a reminder.......
I realise that part of me wants to move on,
take the 'next step'
and...... that part is located in my head.....

My soul however has other plans:
'there are some unsolved issues in your life
and you need to deal with these first...'

We went to see a play/musical
about a strike that went on in 1943 in the war.
I was looking forward to go,
because it is done in an old hangar,
and the last time a play was there it was very good.
It was as if you were part of the play.

After seeing this play,
I realise that the writers show the public
what happens with people 
when there are secrets or heavy emotional situations
like war and dead
that are not solved...
It effects not only the people who are involved,
it becomes a family/society karma.

From the start I had to cry.....
I didn't know exactly why,
but it touched something very deep in me.

Thinking about it:
-family hurt becomes karma....
-gossip can go to next generations.... precious and can easily be broken...
-not knowing and  betrayal can break hearts
-music can heal...
-did we not learn from the past?!?

Wouldn't it be great if it was this easy?

If you decide this, realise that the Cosmos will send

you all kinds of mirrors so you Can start a new chapter.....

Most of the time it is not possible 

to close the door 

because something is preventing you to close it:

something is 'stuck'.....

Watching the play 'De vergeten Twentse lente' 

-'the Forgotten Spring of Twente'-

helped me in a way I wasn't expecting.....

'Mercury retrograde 'helped' us to look at these parts

and when  Mercury is going direct again -May 14th-,

project that felt 'stuck' can start to flow again.'

I wrote this and after that :

-I went to the play,

-my special aunt in Canada left this world,

-I got to experience vertigo again......

This play ended with the connection with the present:

How do we treat each other,

can we see people or do we see refugees,

do we act from fear or from trust....

What is going on in your life?

Is it starting to flow again or.....

did doors open that you liked to kept shut...

Are you in a hurry,

or can you choose to be patient....

I choose to trust and to be patient...

Practicing the guitar,

choosing to take long walks in nature again,

taking time to read a book and.....

starting to let go of books I don't need anymore

and to clean out 'old' files.......

Not all at once......

a little bit every day.....

The universe is not in a hurry:

why should I?

The universe makes sure

everything that needs to happen,

will happen.

Is it working all the time?

No.....I am still a work in progress ;-)

I hope you take time to 

'smell the flowers',

to enjoy friends and family,

let go of guild and shame

and......take your responsibility,

one day at a time.....

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