Thursday 8 June 2023

Pluto back in Capricorn till Jan. 22, 2024

 On June 10 Pluto goes back in Capricorn till Jan. 22 2024.

Do we go back toward 'safety'

or do we choose to go forward toward growth........?

In the world around us 

we probably see signs of control and power games.

Old outdated structures, 'old' leaders stay the same,

only if they don't take care for everyone,

it/they will not stay in the long run.....

Restrictions, creating fear instead of focusing

on self control, discipline and responsibility.

Governments and leaders are here to make sure

a community can thrive. 

They can make mistakes and we should be open to forgive,

give them a second change.....

If they don't take is we should set boundaries.....

By making rules, 

they make sure we ALL can live a good life.

I always compare it with traffic:

because of traffic signs and rules,

we all can go safely from one place to the other.

Even pedestrians can safely cross the road

because special crossings.

Rules and regulations should help us:

not make us afraid or 

being used to power over someone.

 Housing, banking, health organisations are all related to Capricorn.

Did we transform these or did we think we did,

did we only make 'chances'....

Can we go forward and be disciplined.

Can we be patient and go through our fear and deal with it,


do we blame others, expect the worst 

and forget that we all have our own power....

Do you know what your trigger is?

In the media you can 'hear' what is going on in the world,


can you listen to what is going on in Your world.....

What happened between 2008 and now.

Where did you -have- to transform?

Your work, your family, dealing with dead......

Did you choose to be responsible for your self or are you unforgiving....

Do you expect the worst or do you trust.....

Are you a kind and determent manager of yourself

or a one to blame yourself......

I read my last blog again and......I wrote it for myself.....

I realise I still think I need to be in control.....

I trust....only not 100% yet.....

Am I open for my path to appear,

am I open to go on with changing my vibrations?

In my mind I am 100% open to do this,

only.....I am not there yet.

My boundaries are challenged,

my energy level is not always as I want it to be...


more things go great and sometimes I 'forget' to look at them....

Wishing you all 

months of revisiting old patterns,

recognizing your triggers,

recognizing the immature thinking,

and transform them in mature thinking.

Be determent, be patient

and Know: 

you are powerful beyond measure

and abundance is your birthright!

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