Sunday 3 September 2023

I am where I needed to be.....

 The month of September is the month of Virgo.

There is a lot to say about the characteristics of Virgo,

only this time I like to focus on 'like to help people'.

We all have Virgo in our Astrological charts,

so we have all a part in our live were we 'like to help people'.

This month there are a lot of retrograde planets:

Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

So this month is a month of going inside,

'to help ourselves first'...

We are magnets: what do you attract?

Do you attract peace and love,

unrest and challenges or....both.....

How is your balance in helping others and helping yourself?

Can you set boundaries or 

are you taking advantage of people 'without' boundaries....

Can you respect the other or

are you very critical of others and....

do you respect yourself ?!?

how critical are you towards yourself?!?

Can you be YOU or is there still a part of you

that believes you have to please others to be loved

or you have to be loud and 'forceful' to be loved....

Nature is 'helping others' as well:

September is also the month of harvest.

Our apple tree has some apples:

a bundle of 5 fell of last month....

they were to heavy.

One is halve rotten -still on the tree-

and a few are growing and looking great......

Could it be that this is a mirror as well?

'Don't let go to quickly...

be patient and don't take to much on your shoulders'

-the 5 apples that fell of to soon-

'Are you still holding on to patterns that are not good for you anymore?'

-the half rotten apple...-

'Just wait and enjoy, when the time is right you get everything you need.'

-the other apples-

September is my birth month,
and last year I started it in a different country.
I started the year in an energy of 'helping others',
I realised that this would be the energy of the year.
I also made sure I took time for me,
to enjoy and 'help myself'.
Did I do that enough or do I need to be less critical,
and should I have more patience with my self.....

Last year a child was born,
now again, a child is born in our family.

This year I will be in an other country as well.
Now Jaap and I are going together.
A new year, a new energy.
We meet up with loving people
and take time for us.... 'be a magnet'.

I believe that the more we are in balance and in peace with ourselves,
the more the new children in this world
can live their own life,
without the 'burden' of our karma.

September...Virgo and Libra
Being service minded and find a balance.
Beauty, respect, determination.
Improving day by day,
helped by loving people around you.

With so many planets going retrograde,
we Need to take time to look inside.....
Society needs to take time to look inside....
Are we on the right path,
or do we need changes....
Are we on the right path
and do we need to be patient.....

Am I on the right path I need to make changes,
where do I need to make changes....
Am I on the right path
and....where do I need to be more patient.
Is it with others or with myself....

Have an amazing month!

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