Monday 28 August 2023

Let's turn wounds into wisdom part 2

 Often I hear 'fear' when people talk about retrograde planets,

especially when Mercury is going retrograde.

Energy is 'just' energy....

Mercury retrograde helps us to communicate

clearer with ourselves.

If we are not clear in ourselves we get mirrors  

to 'help' us to get it clear,

it helps us to heal.....

Often we assume we are 'ready' and are shocked 

when something happens

that brings us of balance.

If this happens you KNOW an old wound is touched


you can choose to accept and heal on a deeper level

or let your 'wound talk'.....

It brings you back to the NOW.

It helps you to realise we go on healing and enjoying life

till the day we die,

It helps you to be humble, to have compassion for others

and trust.....

These are ready and....

I didn't have to rush.....

there was enough time.

And when I thought he would be born,

we had to wait another day

and when we thought he would be here soon......

we had to wait a bit longer.

How calm and peaceful am I inside,

how much do I trust,

am I really patient it a 'mask'...

Tim is born and I know I can trust my intuition

and I also realise 

that knowing something can be challenging too.....

I realise there are some old family patterns touching:

patterns that I see in the people around me/ in society.

Can we AND be ourselves AND be part of a group.

Can we set boundaries AND respect boundaries from others.

Can we BE instead of needing to proof ourselves.....

Uranus went retrograde so we will be challenged

about our authenticity.....

We can expect unexpectedly changes,

breakthroughs or breakdowns, 

restlessness and letting old patterns go.

Tim is born.

A new life, a new energy,

a name with a lot of meaning:

'honor to God/higher energy'

I Know he choose the best parents for him.

Parents who will love him unconditionally.

Parents who will stimulate him,

make sure he has fun, enjoy life, 

and take responsibility when needed.

By this he can BE.....

BE who he already is:

an unique, authentic, loving person.

It wasn't a very easy start.....

I can imagine, the energy in the world now,

is challenging for a new soul.

I also Know he has chosen the best parents

he can wish for.

He also has the best support system

from family and friends:

no one can be loved more than him :-)

More and more people are looking at their wounds

and turning them into wisdom.

By this, 

more and more new souls who arrive in this world

will have an easier time and.....

can BE the change we all like to see in this world.

I like to change 'woman' into 'person'......

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