Wednesday 6 September 2023

One step at a time....

 And then...another planet is going retrograde,

while Venus is going direct again....

Jupiter is retrograde now.

Jupiter, the planet of healing, growing,

self confidence, expansions, 'wisdom'

helps us to heal our inner wounds.

It also shows us were we were over enthusiastic,

were we were 'to much'.


the planet of loving ourselves, beauty,

our values and also money

 - what do you attract-

went direct the same day.

So the coming time you will attract what you healed

or...what still needs to be healed.

Today we are cleaning the shed in the garden.

It was on the list for 2 years now


it was not my job to take action.

How challenging can it be

to have to wait and be patient is also a gift.

You can not do for others 

what they need to do for themselves....

AND....others can not do for YOU

what you need to do for yourself.

It was a mirror for me

'it doesn't hurt me that it is as it is,

so why do I want to clean it so badly?!?'

I realised that I had to 'clean some 'stuff'

in myself most likely...

I realised that I am helping to much sometimes...

I also realised that I am not always

so patient with myself......

I helped taking stuff out and clean

and now I should let it go.....

I let it go and it is finished :-)

Some stuff we gave a way

and now there is space for whatever we choose to.

Most likely it will be for wood.

We prepare for the colder seasons,

so we can sit in the evening with a cozy woodfire.

Jupiter in Taurus and Venus in Leo

both have to do with the feeling of safety and security as well.

So were do you spend your money,

are you overspending or 'oversaving'...

Are you in an energy of fear or trust,

are you in an energy of worry or peace,

are you in your own energy the energy of others....

This is acceptance....

From this place you can start healing 

and attracting different things, people and situations.

Enjoy Now, forgive and....take one step at a time...

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