Monday 2 October 2023

The beauty of is not always a calm ride....part 1

 We are in the energy of Libra.

The time of balance,

of beauty 

-look at nature-

of realising that other peoples response

says something about them....

not about you....

However: if you feel offended by it,

it tells you there is a wound inside of you,

that asked to be healed.....

We choose to go on holiday,

to visit family/friends

and enjoy nature.

By choosing this,

we also choose to not be close 

to the people we love in Holland.

'Do they need us?!?'

Could it be that sometimes you have to follow your intuition,

follow 'the white wolf' and ignore the 'black' one,

so the 'white' can even be stronger.....

Canada was a beautiful mirror for me:

- I can be me, feel and let go.

- I can be me AND Know I am being guided:

  sometimes you have to let go.

- I realise and feel more and more that I can be there for people

  AND...I can not solve it for them.....

  as I mentioned before in my blogs:

  'everyone came to this world with his of hers own backpack

   with challenges and only You can solve your own. If you take

   something from someone else you prevent the other to grow

   and you are 'stuck' with something you can not solve....

   even though you would like to help the other....'

- I also felt that you don't need to see your loved ones

  all the time to be close, 

  that family is a feeling. 

We had a great time,

re-visit old people,

met new ones.

We had some challenges 


we could still enjoy the things we like to do.

We can AND accept the challenges

AND see the rainbow....

This month is a month were you should choose to shine,

not forcing yourself, not defending yourself:

just shine.....

Stand up, speak up if you feel there is manipulation,

also ask yourself: 'am I manipulating as well?!?'

What is manipulation?

Not saying what you want straight out,

but in a way you want other to do what you want them to do....

in a 'sneaky' way.

You see it sometimes in divorces: 

letting wrong things go on

because someone is afraid for the consequences 

if they are saying what they really want to say.

Children who are afraid to say what they want

because they feel one of the parents wouldn't like it....

You see it in family's: 

children who are afraid to choose for them selves 

- even when they are adults-

because they feel parents expect something from them....

You see it in relationships:

Spouses don't do what they like to do

because they don't want to disappoint the other.

All of these examples go back to ourselves/myself.

Can I be authentic, myself,

or are there still some old habits, a wounded inner child

that needs healing, comforting,

needs compassion and patience....

Most of it is not conscious,

it is subconscious.....

remember this if you are someone who can easily blame his of herself ;-)

How patient are you with yourself?

Do you still believe you are not doing enough?

KNOW: You are exactly were you have to be at this moment......

Accept it.....

If you are not so happy with it:

choose to look inside and start healing,

take time to rest, spoil yourself

and you will be there were you Like to be

sooner than you will expect....

Stop proving yourself,

stop comparing yourself,

be nice with yourself, 

love yourself and....

Choose to become who you are mend to be:
a happy, abundant, peaceful, loving person.

This month has also a Neptune/Mercury opposition:

expect to feel more,

expect misunderstandings

and -if you are very sensitive-

expect to take emotions from others......

If you do: give them back


look inside:

how come you attracted this?!?

For me it is insecurity......

I feel it and can let it go,


I still pick it up sometimes.....

So I choose to take my time to look at it,

have patience with myself

and....Know that it will go, when the time is right....

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