Thursday 5 October 2023

The beauty of is not always a calm ride....part 2


Pluto will go direct on the 11th, 

after being Retrograde 

from the beginning of May.

Pluto the planet of death, rebirth, transformation, 

power and your subconscious

asks us to bring to the light what was still in the shadow....

What went on in your life since May?

Where did you have to dive deep into transformation?

Where did you have to look at your shadow?

Did you choose to look at it or....

did you choose to blame or feel as a victim.....

Pluto is not change....

Pluto is transformation....

you don't have a choice....

you HAVE to let go and accept transformation

were it is needed......

You can fight it 


you won't win it in a way you 'want' it,

you will 'win' it in the way that is best for you...

Trust that it is needed to bring light

trust that you have the power within to deal with everything....

I saw this spiderweb outside....

it looks amazing!

I also realise that people can feel stuck,

'caught in a spiderweb',

no way out......

A web they/we/I build by ourselves,

our patterns and habits to make sure we feel 'safe'

Only.....are we born to 'be safe'

or are we born to thrive, to enjoy, to share, to shine?

After the 11th, when Pluto moves forward,
we can expect the results of our journey the last months.

Make sure you are patient with yourself,
have compassion
and enjoy the abundance of nature:
harvest season...

Look at were you were 'stuck'
and choose to change one little thing:
in one year you will see a huge difference!

It can be physical, emotional, relational, 
your place in society or financial.
Pluto changes can be:
-an illness that can be life threatening
 and you change your routine.
-a birth
-a new job
-someone speaking up and a new movement is starting.
-cleaning out cupboards.....
-deciding on getting a pet....
-court cases.....

Remember Neptunes energy is also there this month,
-trust your feelings,
-ask if something is not clear,
-make music, listen to music
-use your creativity
-if there is 'fog'....wait till it is over...
-if there is 'fog'....shine light on it....Your light....

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