Monday 6 November 2023

Only love is real....

 'Love is real, come I don't feel the love?!?'

How come we feel judged, not enough, failing

while we Know that only love is real......

We all want peace.

Do we also want to do what is needed?

Are we prepared to let go of old security's?

Do we realise....

that it is old security's we are holding on to,

if we feel 'war' in ourselves.....

Last time I made a connection with the second chakra,

now I will do it with the fourth....

If you deal with your emotions

-accept them, heal them- 

you can experience love.....

If not, 

you still feel you have to proof yourself.....

you experience love with conditions.

Let's choose unconditional love,

let's accept that we are judging,

let's choose not to condemn....

Let's choose to respect and accept the difference between others,

and realise that if we don't,

most likely we don't respect and accept ourselves...yet...

Instead of judging, blaming, feeling guilty

let's choose to be compassionate, understanding and patient.

'Give peace a chance'....

starting with peace inside of us....

Sometimes it means setting boundaries,

and realising you need to let go

of people/habits/environments.

Letting go, so you can attract 

and be open for the life 

you are meant to live.

A life of love, peace and abundance.

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