Monday 13 November 2023

'Our deepest fear.....'

 I know we are in the end energy of Pluto in Capricorn

and we feel the energy of Pluto in Aquarius already......

This all is very challenging......

Still: are we remembering we are healing,

or are we still to hurt that we think we have to fight?!?

'Antisemitism is on the rise'

'Protest by pro-Palestinians'

'Break down the statues that has links to the slavery period'

'Human trafficking: woman in forced prostitution.

 men living in bad situations, pay below minimum wages'

Did we learn from the past,

or do we want to hide the past....

We are all ONE.....

How come we focus on the difference between us

instead of what we have in common.

We are all human beings,

who need  to connect with each other,

who like to share our lives,

have fun together to give meaning to our lives

and the lives of others.

We are all Love.

Shouldn't we have rallies on 

'let's respect each other'?

Rallies on

'YOU are important because you have something I don't have

and I have something you don't have: let's share this,

so we all can have a great life and enjoy!

How many of us are in 'the wrong place'?

How come we stay there?

Why don't we choose to go there were we are loved,

were we can contribute our talents

and 'just BE' ourselves?

Do we still find excuses?

Excuses, so we don't have to look inside and heal?

Are we 'hiding' behind our parents/our children?

Are 'hoover parents' better than parents who were not there

when they were needed?

Both have to do with Love

and also with boundaries/no boundaries....

We NEED them.....not to punish but to protect.

Children need boundaries,

we as adults need them as well...

Can we live unconditional love

or is it conditional love.....

Adults have been given the time, 

the determination, 

the patience to deal

with their issues,

to learn to be responsible for themselves


stayed with old programs learned by parents/society.

The process from conditional to unconditional love....

Children learn to be responsible

little steps at a time.

They learn to think by themselves

and challenge boundaries society/parents want them to follow.

By this they learn to have respect for themselves and the other.

Unconditional love is not love without boundaries....

Learn to be patience and realise

you can't get what you want immediately

all the time....

Sometimes you need to be patient.

Sometimes what you want looks nice but.....

need's a lot of determination and 'work'.... 

-like being a famous youtuber, popstar or athlete-

Enough of the 'big world':

How is it in your own world?

Do you respect....and set boundaries?

In your relationships?

With your body?

In your work?

With your children?

Do you take responsibility for your emotions?

Are you dealing with them or 

are you holding on to old programs inside of you?

It is the time of the year to decorate your house

with lights,

with red and greens -1st and 4th chakra-

Let's choose to make this a reflection of our 'own house',

our body.....

Let's decide to let go, to 'clean', 

let's choose to relax,

let's enjoy

let's 'just BE'

enjoy each others talent

and respect your own.

Let's choose to make a 'peace on earth' place in our own home

as a start of peace in the world.

Let's connect, respect, have fun,

and set boundaries.....

make sure there is also time to be with yourself.

Could it be that our deepest fear

is still our power....?

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