Wednesday 1 November 2023

Swings and balance....

 All Saints and all Souls day,


The orange of the pumpkins is for me the colour of the second chakra,

the colour of healing emotions....

I visited London and this picture

shows the energy of now:

Female and Male energy are on there way

to the future.

Having a stop in between to look,

to enjoy the environment and.....

deal with emotions.

How do we deal with emotions?

Can we enjoy the Now,

or do we go on 

and avoid 'some'.

Are we only dealing with them when there is to much:

'an explosion', an irruption like a volcano.

people getting angry, or a body is getting ill....

We are in an energy of dealing with old pain.

The Moon nodes 

are connected with Pluto in a challenging way.

The North node is connected with our wound......

It is like this picture:

two kids on a swing, having fun.

Others are looking at them and enjoying themselves

or are waiting till they are 'done'.....

Those kids don't go on and on.....

no, at one time they are done and move on.

I am sure after a few years, 

they will not go on this swing again:

they feel they are to old....they move on....

Israel and Palestine....

so much old pain.

Even some Jews put a yellow star on their clothes to make a point.......

Luckily most Jews who don't live in Israel couldn't agree.....

they 'moved on'/ healed.......

Just before I went to London,

my daughter showed me 'a mirror'......

In London I realised I was dealing with

an old wound in a deeper way.....

I am grateful letting go :-)

How is it with you?

Are you open to heal,

are you open to look at 'stubborn' parts inside yourself,

that still believe you have to

'proof yourself',

'work harder'

and be someone that someone else wants you to be?

Are you afraid to speak up 

or to do 

what YOU like


'they don't like you anymore'

'you will not be safe and secure'

Good to remember.....

YOU are the light,

YOU are the power,

YOU are the love.....

If you look at children, you can see this.

They have fun,

 laugh, enjoy little things,

are friendly, compassionate.

Can we as adults let them stay like this?

Can they be themselves or....

do we 'want' them to be as we think they Should be.....

Do we choose to deal with our wounds,

so we don't have to pass them to the next generation


are we staying on 'the swings'......

Staying on them while we should outgrown it.....

If we choose to have peace in our lives

and in the world

we should choose to heal and move on,

one step at a time....

I could have been angry at my daughter mention 'my dress'.

If I would have done it, 

she wouldn't have understand my reaction,

because she only made an observation....

I could be angry at myself,

because I 'still' had this wound not healed 100%...

I choose to look inside and

realise it is so much easier now,

because I did it already more often ;-)

I wish you all to be patient and loving towards yourself.

Change guilt and shame for compassion, 

understanding and forgiving.

Female and male energy more and more in balance....

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