Monday 4 December 2023

Our deepest fear......part 2

 We are already at the last month of this year.....

For the world and for a lot of people a very challenging year.

We are at the end of a cycle: 

the old society doesn't work anymore,

and it seems 

we are not totally ready for a new one.

Do we still think we need walls,

or do we more and more realise

that we need boundaries.

Can we have an inclusive society

or do we believe it has to stay exclusive....

Are we still afraid and need of control

or can we day by day trust a little more

and relax......

There are still old wounds touched

and by the reactions: they need some more healing....

People are not happy

and you see from elections in the world 

that there is a lot of blaming.

Voters not always choose what they want,

but choose 'against'.....

not even realising what the consequences are....

5 years ago I wrote this about peace:

If we want to find peace on earth,
we first have to find it in our selves:
how is it in your body
-do you judge it? Is it to big, to small,
not enough muscle or can you appreciate it?-
how in your mind?
-do you talk nice to you or do you still judge yourself you hear yourself or is it still a subconscious habit.-
how is is it in your relationships?
-do you set boundaries or do still want to please.....
even if it doesn't feel good. Do you love yourself or
is there not yet peace with yourself....-
how is it in society?
-are you seeing it as a mirror or are you 'fighting against'.
Do you love what you do, do you feel you can contribute to it
or do you feel you are stuck.....go back to your mind: there is probably still no peace....-
how is it moneywise?
-do you feel you don't get enough, that you can not do what your really want? Do you feel that 'it is not fair'?.....also go back to your mind......a part wants to be in peace-
The only way we will find a world that is in peace,
is if we deal with the 'wars' inside us....
Do you have the courage to look inside and deal
with yourself first?

Are you open to 'break through' your own walls
and replace them by boundaries?

Are you open to believe that we all are One,
and we are each other mirrors?

Are you open to hear beyond what is being said?
Are you open to feel, have compassion,
love yourself and be at peace?

I have to be honest:
for me this can be challenging.
I have periods that this goes easy
and then, 'all of a sudden'
I feel restless....

I can react in a way, that surprises me,
an 'old way'......

Deep down this is the feeling:
am I also ok 'just as being me'.....
or do I have to DO 'things' for others....

I realise that this picture is even
stimulating this feeling
instead of letting it go.....

So let's change it:
accept the storm,
accept the fear
love will win in the end
and we will be at peace.

I started with investing time to look at the 5 pillars again
to look back at 2023.
We have to invest time,
sit still and open to investigate our feeling,
deal with our wounds
instead of walking away from them.

Where are you walking away from?
Which pillar is your weakest link?
Do you realise that if you deal with your weakest link,
you will automatically improve the other pillars,
so they become even stronger....?

Mercury will go retrograde,
and we are already in it's shadow:
use the time to go within.

Expect misunderstandings
so you can heal a misunderstanding inside of you.
Take your time and be patient
if traffic is slow or computers don't work.
Remember love, when people forgot appointments
or are late.
Listen to your inner voice:
it is loving, compassionate and patient.....

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