Sunday 17 December 2023

Our deepest fear....part 3

 Neptune went direct again,

so ....'the fog' is clearing ;-)

Mercurius went retrograde so we can go inside

and clear misunderstandings about our selves and/or others.

Christmas time is a time of light,

a time to connect with family and friends.

Also a time when shadows come up.

How are we going to deal with this?

Are we afraid to hurt other peoples feeling

and by that hurting ourselves,


do we trust and feel love....

Do we expect the best?

Do we Know that the other person 

never wants to hurt our feeling on purpose....

Do we Know we never want to hurt 

the other person on purpose 

and....can we deal with their response....

Do we understand that the response from the other

doesn't say anything about us....

Do we Know that a response says something about that other person....

Do we also understand that our response

also says something about us.....

not about the other....

If we feel hurt,

how do we react:

fight or flight

or are we deciding to deal with this hurt.

Realise that not everyone is in the same place,

there is no good or bad,

everyone has it own path to go.

You are responsible for your own path....

al least if your goal is love an peace :-)

If you look back on 2023

-I still do it from the 5 pillars: you can re-read

the blogs about this from last years-

were do you see and feel 

you acted from your deepest fear....

The fear to 'be powerful beyond measure'

Is it in your mind, about your body,

in your relationships, society

-remember: money=love=power-

Can you look back and be grateful,

grateful and accept that it was as it was.....

How about 2024?

What do you expect/wish for at the end of that year,

what did you do to make 2024 the best year ever!

What could be your first step....little step:

Are you going to end every day with a sentence:

I am grateful for....

Are you going to change a routine: 

-use smaller plates

-smile to the person at the supermarket

-take the stairs at work

-tapping on the anger point -lower ribs/liver-

 after feeling anger.

-put '20 euro's' a side every month on a special account.

-make an appointment to see a friend/relative you

 'don't have time to visit'.....start with one...

-smile to yourself in the mirror in the morning

 and wish him/her a wonderful day....

KNOW live knows best.....

it is not always going as you expected,


it goes as it should be....

If your energy changes,

your live changes.

You attract something/someone else.

The only way to attract what you like

-as I see it-

is if you are open to look inside,

open to deal with old patterns, old emotions.


if you are not doing it,

live will give you lot's of opportunity's 

so you HAVE to look at it.

Not to punish, 

but to help....

your soul knows best...

It helps you to remember

that you are powerful....

decide to let go of the fear...

Wishing you all an amazing 2024.

A world of love,

good health, gratefulness

great people around you


Peace in your soul,

your body, mind, relationships 

and in the world.

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