Tuesday 2 January 2024

2024: choose to make it your best year ever!

 I hope you all started 2024 in a good way.

Jupiter went direct again and also Mercury,

so making a life cycle plan will be a good plan!

How was Christmas? 

Could you be yourself AND part of a group?

Did quilt and shame come up,

or could you 'just' be responsible?


We had our house full and it was an organised chaos ;-)

It was so nice to be together and to realise

that everyone is unique 

and a plan can always be changed.

We had a plan to see other family at our place,

so we could see each other and 'catch up.'

Everyone was looking forward to it and than....

a few got sick.....what to do.....

It is interesting to see how old guilt and shame come up:

'it is so nice and we are organising it, so how can I cancel it'


'what if others get sick and it will be to much for those

who are not sick, but also not well...'

We canceled it and......it was ok for everyone.

I realise more and more that we are connected,

and we are all moving, growing, healing.

Creating new family's who are nr 1,

and our 'old' family is still important,

only comes on nr 2....or 3....and that is ok.

It is as it should be.

We as society are moving on as well.

This year Pluto will be in Capricorn for the last year,

and will move into Aquarius for the next 20 year.

The queen of Denmark will leave and her son will be king,

Donald Trump will not be on all the electoral lists.

How are the organisations 

dealing with healthcare, senior citizens,

people who need extra care? 

Are they looking at the people

or is it about structure, management, rules and protocols?

How do they deal with money? 

Is it from power or from love.....

All this are signs of Pluto in Capricorn.

I expect we will see some challenges her,

because I think and believe 

there are still some 'old' patterns going on....

Most likely also in our own lives.....

'inside scars need longer to heal'......

Pluto in Aquarius will challenge technology:

are all new technology's good for all people.....

Social media made sure we can connect 

with all people around the world,

it gives us freedom.....

Only.......without rules,

we see 'deep fake movies'....

AI being used in a way that is not helping us,

not helping students to think for themselves.....

We see young people 

believing they have to look

in a certain way, 

to have a certain live style

if they want to 'belong'.....


'not feeling ok' is not ok anymore.....

We, as people NEED to feel 'not ok' sometimes:

it helps us to grow, to move on.

If not, 

we would stay in our comfort zone

and 'do nothing'......

I am curious what kind of development we will get the coming years.

I expect new inventions, innovations

that help us to be nicer to nature,

to help our body's to stay healthier

and to realise we are all the same, connected....

even if we look different.

I also believe that we will realise that we need each other

and we don't have to be envious or jealous. 

We have an unique quality and someone else has another

unique quality: together we can be 1+1=3....

Of course we have to realise that we make choices.

Do we deal with our emotions or are we projecting.

Are we dealing with our family karma, society karma

or do we stay angry.....

Do we choose to take responsibility 

and choose love instead of fear?

It is our choice and....

we don't have to do it all by ourselves...

Chiron, the wounded healer

is connecting with the Moon nodes till spring:

healing energy......

where do you take action, the first step?

Can you feel the difference between emotion and intuition?

Love, power and money is the same energy:

Jupiter will be in Taurus till May. 

Taurus the sign of safety, security, quality, nature


Uranus will  connect with Jupiter from March till May.

Will there be a change, a sudden change

or do we choose for ourselves.

Do we need to make a change in our work/health/group of people

and.....are we going to do it?

When I look at my life cycle plan,

I realise I see  a lot of this energy:

Relaxing, integrity, passion and

'The meaning of life is practicing how you should live'

I wish you all a wonderful 2024:

Do something silly

Think something nice

Say something sweet 

So everyday in 2024 

will give you

 something positive.

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