Friday 9 February 2024

We are the world......imagine...

 On one of our bike rides, we saw this fence:

a natural one, with a little help of people.
It is a fence, not a wall, it keeps out and protects
you can see the other side....

In 1997 I was teaching in Doha.
I taught art.
Students could show the techniques I taught
in their own way.
One of the students always used this
to show people throwing stones....

He was an amazing artist and 
a very nice, calm, respectful person.
One day I started talking about 
him choosing the same subject all the time
and all of a sudden I saw a determent, 
committed you adult.

He explained to me, that he, as a Palestinian,
saw what was happening to and in his country
'we don't have anything to fight with,
while the Israelis are shooting at us
and we can not protect us in any other way!'

I asked him how he thought about the Israelis:
'I HATE them, I never will shake hands with them!!'
We talked a bit more and he told me that 
his goal was to be a diplomat in the future.....

A little while later we talked in class
about helping each other in the street
and also what would you do if someone 'saved' you
or saved one you loved.
He was the one who reacted:
 'I would be so grateful!'
I: 'Would you shake his hand?'
He: 'Of course!!'
I: 'What if you found out he was Israeli....'
.....he was shocked and quiet.........

We talked about it a bit more and I told him,
he had a big goal ahead of him 
and could do a lot of good as a diplomat....

I don't know his name anymore,
and I wonder what he is doing now.
Then I realised he reacted from hurt.....
What story's did he hear from his parents/aunts/uncles....?
What did he see.......?

How many more generations are needed
to understand that instead of reacting from pain,
we start healing the pain,
so we can See people 
instead of race/religion/gender/professions......

When do we speak up for people who are suppressed,
because one site still use 'victim ship' and hurt from the past
instead of taking responsibility for it...
When do we break down walls and start making boundaries....

This natural wall reminded me of him
and also of myself:
Can I set boundaries instead of walls....
Am I open to see the other person
or do I already have an opinion.......

I love Jaap AND....
I don't agree with everything he does/believe.
I like clean and ironed clothes AND.....
I don't always like to iron.....
I like to connect with people AND......
sometimes I want to be by myself......

I saw the making of the song 'we are the world'
and the director put a hand written sign on the top of the door:
'check your ego when going in'.
There were all famous musicians/singers in the room:
could they work together to make one song?!?

This is how the Aquarius age looks like:
everyone is shining in his/her own way AND....
together it is make something so powerful,
one person could never have done it by him/herself.....

How is it with our ego?
Is it immature or mature.....
Do you speak up from power or from hurt....
-check your emotions and then you know...-
Are you being quiet 
because of compassion and understanding 
or from fear and hurt...
-check your emotions and then you know....-

We are all a great big family.
Can you make a choice to heal,
to deal with YOUR emotions?
Are you open to accept that inside you
there are parts that are hurt....
not always from you but also from your family/country....

Are you breaking down walls
and create boundaries 
so you are safe AND open to see the other,
is the hurt still so big 
that you are afraid to break down the walls....

we all have wounds and hurt inside of us.....
Also remember: 
we have each other, we don't have to do it all by ourselves...

Imagine and start creating, your own life.
Peace in your body,
your relationships,
your environment,
your mind,
your finances/loving yourself.

Compassion, love, understanding.

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