Friday 19 January 2024

'Life is just a simple game'...

 If you act from your heart you are fearless,

if you are fearful then a mirror is active...

I realise that in my life I was sometimes fearless

because I didn't know all the details,

and 'just' acted from my heart 'soul spoke up'.

When I look back 

-with knowing the details I didn't know then-

I am sometimes shocked and amazed how courageous I was then...

I could be courageous because I didn't realise the consequence. 

If I had known them, most likely I had reacted from fear....

Then I didn't know and my intuition

was speaking, I took responsibility

for what I felt deep down, from my heart and....

the consequence were amazing:

not jail, but changing a pattern...

How afraid are we?

It looks like I am courageous to the outside world,

only....if I look closer,

to my role in the family I was born in,

I realise that I forgot to be courageous

for myself.

I used my energy to be 'good',

'not to make waves'.

-I also realise now,

that I Needed to have this experience...

I learned a lot from it and it made me

the person I am now!

Now I can see grateful-

I needed to make the change from taking care of others,

be a 'good girl' to remember who I was,

the person inside me....hopscotch....

I changed when I looked inside,

raised my consciousness and....

realised that I was not alone...

I didn't have to deal with all the issues by myself.

In my family, my brothers and sister helped me,

to see and feel 'we are in this together'

'We have each others back'.

A long time ago someone draw a picture of me:

I was a bird in a cage.....

couldn't get out....

Then I didn't understand but kept the picture for a long time.

Now I saw a similar picture

and realise how true it was.....

It looked as if I was free from the outside,

only I, myself, was afraid to be free...

Afraid of the consequences......

I could do it in the middle East,

a part of the world

that mirrors a lot of our fears....

How come I could do it there 

and found it so challenging to do it in Holland,

in my own family......

I experienced a lot before I went to the middle east.....
I learned from my mistakes
AND.....I didn't know all.....
I reacted from emotion then,
not from peace yet.......

So emotion can bring you a lot 
if it is from your soul, your heart
even if it is from your soul 
and the results are great:
realise there is a layer deeper to explore....
or I wouldn't have been so emotional.

Then I didn't listen to the other person,
I used My power.....hopscotch.....
A big step and important then...

Now it is not about us alone,
it is about we as a community,
realising we are all One.....
Pluto moved then through Scorpio....

This weekend Pluto moves into Aquarius

connected with the Sun:

Are you free?

Can you AND be you AND be part of a community.

Where in your life are you 'stuck' and 

don't realise you are still in a 'cage'?

Look around:

 what is your environment showing you.

What are the people around you showing you.

What do your emotions showing you

and.....what is your body?

Since a few days I got itchy skin jaw is 'speaking up'

Mars: setting boundaries and taking action, and also anger....

It shows me that my soul is 'helping me' to change ......

I made already some changes only....most likely not enough ...yet...

Remember: Pluto will stay in Aquarius till 2044.....

take your time and....take a first step...

I love this song, 

written in 1968.....

Lyrics that are still very accurate...

Could it be that we need more time

than we realise to be 'free'?

Could it be that the Cosmos 

has much more patience with us,

than we have with ourselves?

Let's remember:

 'Life is just a simple game'.....

not always easy....just simple.....

As time goes by, you will see
That we're going to be free
You and me, we'll touch the sky
Can you see in your mind's eye
That we are one
We're all the same
And life is just a simple game
There, by your side, I will be
When this crazy world is free
Free from doubt
When it finds out
Exactly what we're meant to be
That we are one
We're all the same
And life is just a simple game
Thoughts of another day
Flashing through my head
Thinking how life could be
All of the things that our great men have said
Be what we want to be
What we deserve to be
What we are meant to be
As time goes by, you will see
That we're going to be free
You and me, we'll touch the sky
Can you see in your mind's eye
That we are one
We're all the same
And life is just a simple game
(We're gonna be free)

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