Monday 15 April 2024

Open for new ways......enjoying the path.

 This picture is a reminder......

If you are feeling you are in a dark tunnel,

remember there is light at the end.....

If you are out of the tunnel: 

enjoy the light, enjoy all what you see and experience


realise there will be an other tunnel a ahead.....

Not to punish you.....

it will only help you to heal,

and to enjoy an even brighter light...

Can you let go and trust,

or is there still a part of you that wants to be in control....

We went on holiday and on our way back to the airport,

we decided to go to another waterfall.

We had already seen a few beautiful ones

and apparently this was the biggest one.

When we arrived, we saw this.... was water,

at the bottom we saw this....

If we had only focused on the end, looking at a big waterfall,

we could have been very disappointed,

however we didn't.

We got something that day,

we never expected and never experienced....

The way to the waterfall was amazing!!

We went through the mountains, small villages,

beautiful scenery, goats and cows on our way.

We even saw a soccer field 

at the end of a cliff: 

how many balls are in that cliff;-)

Isn't this all about life?

Sometimes we focus so much on the end result,

that we forgot to enjoy the path.....

If the result we imagined is not there,

we often talk about 'waist of time', 'failure'

or worse, we feel quilt and/or shame...

Let's decide to enjoy the path,

to enjoy life now AND....

still having a goal in mind

only.....realising that a bigger power Knows

if our goal is the best for us 

or needs some adjusting.


let's keep curious, flexible,

adventurous, grounded and enjoying

what is coming on our path towards

love and light.

We couldn't see this waterfall together,

it was a bit to challenging

but: there are camera's....

so I can share it will all of you as well!

This one we could.....

were there is a will, there is a way...

This week there is a Uranus/Jupiter conjunction.

New inventions,

new way's to feel safe and secure,


demonstrations, earthquakes, war?!?

What can you change in your life?

Where are you not choosing for you...yet?

Are you open for a new way?

Are you open to enjoy the path

and accepting that 'wanting it your way'

is not how it works at the moment.... 

Perhaps there is a better way for you....

only you don't know it yet.....

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