Sunday 21 April 2024

Vesta: keep your inner flame burning.

 Three years ago I saw the sign of Vesta in the air.

This year I got the opportunity to visit the temple of Vesta in Rome.

I was very very busy....

Vesta in your chart has to do with your inner fire.

Vesta is the goddess of the hearth, home and family,

it has to do with dedication and retreat.

The eternal flame burning in your heart,

tells you something about your purpose.

'Keep the flame burning'.

Most important meaning is commitment.

In my chart you can see that the challenge for me

is to keep my own inner fire alive....

I can help others to keep theirs burning,

only....I shouldn't forget my own.....

How is is with your inner fire?

Are you committed to what you do?

I had to drive a lot last months

and when I listened to the radio,

the message was:

'It is almost weekend, glad it is the end of the weak!'

'O no, tomorrow a new week will start again,

enjoy the day and do the things you want to do.'

And then, there was a different voice.

A popular singer in Holland had a new recording,

she doesn't do a lot of interviews.

When asked about it she said:

'I earned enough to have a good life,

only I have very clever children who

are going to university abroad '

- I don't know how they become so clever;-) -

so I only work to make sure they can study.'

There was no reaction from the interviewer.....

I loved her honesty: she loves singing, only....

she loves her kids and to be out of the spotlight...

She chooses for herself....

We are in the energy of Uranus/Jupiter in Taurus.

Are you feeling safe to be unique and yourself?

Do you speak up and live your life they way you want it?

Is your body speaking to you and do you want a 'quick fix'

or do you choose to listen to it.....

My body is speaking to me ;-)

and I am listening more and more.

Deep down I picked up emotions that prevented me to grow


also helped me to feel safe and secure....then.....when I was a child....

I am an adult now, only....that child inside of me

thinks/believes I am not always ready to move on...

It is a time for all of us 

to be nice to that inner child,

to let it know that your are the adult now


it is safe......

Communicate with yourself,

respect yourself:

you always did the best you can...

Trust....and now you know better,

choose to be compassionate

and love yourself unconditionaly.

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