Friday 3 May 2024

Pluto's last retrograde of 2024.....use your courage and transform!

 Pluto went retrograde on May 2.

From Sept. 1 it will visit Capricorn for the last time. 

November 24 it will come back in Aquarius 

and will stay there the coming 20 years.

What happened in your life since 2008

when Pluto started in Capricorn?

Do you have some unfinished business?

Worldwide there was a  banking crisis,

was it transformed or.....not totally..

We will find out.....

Are there still 'old/ancient' leaders who need to move over

to make space for new leadership?

Did you deal with organisation,

or did/are you working for organisations?

Did they change/did you change?

How was it in your family?

Were there old patterns that needed to be changed

and....did you?

Can you be 'the adult' or are there still old wounds

that need to be healed?

Do you act from fear or from Love,

from control or trust?

We were traveling through Capricorn.

Learning to be responsible for ourselves,

remembering that we are adults.

Letting go of old dated habits and starting new ones.

Did we do this or....did we do part of it

and is there still a part 

that is projecting.......

Being an overprotected parent because deep down 

YOU needed one when you were a child......

Seeing the world as 'a bad one', acting from fear,

forgetting that YOU have the power......

Acting from guilt and shame instead of

seeing your actions as stepping stones towards YOU....

The coming 20 years will be about community,

technology, 'we are One'.

We need the energy of Capricorn/Saturn to set boundaries:

AI can be great if it is used ethical and there are boundaries.

Money can be an energy of love and power as it is used 

from an energy of ethics, norm, values.

Protests can give a voice to a group of people

if they realise they should also respect other 

with other opinions.

Social media is great to connect with each other

if you also make sure to think for yourself and

connect in a personal way.

What will be the small acts we do to transform the world?

Smile to the person in the shop?

Help a neighbour?

Connect with likeminded people to make a change for all?

I believe this is the way to change the world....

For now,

we first get the time to look inside:

which wounds are not healed yet,

were do you need to make a change.

Where do I choose love and courage

over fear and habits...

When I look back,

I realise that a lot has changed since 2008.

We moved abroad.

I changed my work to make time for my relationship:

I worked less in Holland and started abroad.

Our children became adults and even if we stay parents,

we didn't need to provide for them anymore.

Organisation that looked good lacked integrity

and I spoke up and 'stepped out' with lot's of likeminded people.

Family members wanted to keep old outdated habits,

habits that were not good for everyone and there was a break.

I lost loved ones who couldn't deal with this world anymore.

We moved back and in September 

we will do a last -I think;-)- big renovation.

We became grandparents in a different way

than our parents were grandparents....

I also see the new energy of Aquarius:

Meeting old friends again and the feeling you saw them 'yesterday',

it felt good straight away.

Meeting people who are totally different than we are and still....

we are so open and honest and respectful towards each other.

A new energy.

Realising that people have their own power

and....I don't have to be 'a parent',

'leading by example' is more important.

In our neighbourhood their is a challenge

with a builder. We don't have to do anything for this,

someone else is looking into it -his/her expertise-

and the rest of the neighbourhood can follow.

Not because they are less, no,

because they will show their expertise when

that is necessary......we are all equal.

That builder: looks like an Capricorn energy...

he thought that people wouldn't stand up......

It is good to look at the coming years


it is even more important to look inside,

to heal, let go so you can move on from

a stable base....grounding....

Pluto is grounding,

Pluto is cancer......anger inside

Pluto is transforming,

Pluto is war...destroying....

Pluto is cleaning out everything that needs to go away.....

Pluto shows everything that is hidden, it reveals...

Can you choose to be grateful you choose to be afraid?


We are born to shine

and Pluto makes sure,

that everything that is blocking this

will go way or the other.

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