Wednesday 8 May 2019

20 years of Benetnasch

This is 5 years ago.....
Benetnasch will be 20 years on May 10.
Lot of changes the last 5 years AND.....grounding is still so important.
All the blogs are still on the site. Most of them in Dutch.
-there is translation ;-)-
The coming months I will update the site:
not everything  is the same anymore.
Since last year I feel there is change and.....
when I looked at the chart of Benetnasch,
then I can see that there will be more changes
and that is good.
Do I know all the changes?
that is ok.
I trust and be patient,
I am sure I will get the signs 🙂

15 years Benetnasch: celebration! Grounding
Hello all
15 years ago I started Benetnasch on May 10th.
5 years ago, to celebrate 10 years of Benetnasch I started to write newsletters
-I think you can still see them on this site -
This time I will do one in English,
to see if that is something for the future 🙂
A lot of things have happened since I started.
We live in a different world,
with an energy that goes a lot quicker.
Celebrating is a time to be grateful and a time to share.
My celebrations started at the end of april with roll outs:
to help people get grounded.
We were in an energy that helped us to make us emotionally free.
To let go of patterns that were restricting us to live the life we really want....
What is it and what isn't it.
If you react you are not grounded, if you respond you are.....
If you believe that 'others' know best you can be grounded and can not be....
If you know 'the other' and know of their integrity,
if you can trust them, than it is ok.
If you don't know 'the other' but trust
because 'all people do' you are not grounded.....
If you believe that everything is possible,
you can be grounded and also not....
If you believe it and feel that the situation you are in is bad
and you want something new,
then most likely you are not grounded and don't get what you want.
If you believe it and Know AND Accept the place you are in,
realize that it is what you thought you deserved,
and now you choose different,
then you are grounded.
If you believe that eating good food helps you ground,
you are right.
however, if there is a lot of stress
because you think you will die or feel guilty if you don't eat healthy
you are not grounded.
If you take care of your kids and making sure they are safe,
you are grounded
however if you are afraid that if you are not there
something will happen to them,
you are not grounded and....
you make sure your kids cannot feel safe either....
Your mind is so powerful and it has a lot of habits and patterns
that were once very good, kept you safe, kept you loved,
helped you 'stay alive'.
However if you keep these habits as an adult,
you will not live YOUR life,
you still live the life as a child....
The last five year I got a lot of opportunities to ground
and to let go of patterns that kept me from being the best I could be.
Because of traveling -not only by plane but also in my mind,
I could let go and see things I didn't see before.
5 years ago, without realizing it,
I worked with a woman who had/has the same energy as my mom,
I wanted to please her, wanted to be loved.....
I was not grounded.
Because of letting go of patterns and a 'crisis' I woke up.....
and could let go.
If I had thought: 'that is it, now I am healed' then I wasn't grounded.....
I realize that is a proces and
 that I don't have to do anything,
that I am good as I am.
Life will send me more 'angels' to help me
to heal that part in me...
-At the moment I have another woman in my life
that challenges me: now I deal with it differently
I can feel I am more grounded now :-)-
As always with the mind,
the closer you come to home
your parents, your family
the more challenging it is to let go...
Your family, your safety,
the people you were close to as a child.....
They should love you unconditionally
they should treat you with respect
and you should treat them with respect as well....
How come that we sometimes let our family treat us with disrespect?
Is it because 'it is your family, and that is ok'
then you are not grounded....
Even in families, especially in families, you should
have to do nothing to be loved....
they should applaud you what ever you do....
it makes you happy.....
We as a society have a lot of fears:
about jobs
about fitting in
about war
about terrorism etc etc
This is not grounded.....
WE make society,
if we go back to who we are,
unconditional love, peace, abundance
then we can do whatever we want
then there is enough for everyone
All the belief systems we have that are different
are belief systems....not the only truth.....
Do I know how to do it all?
I take one day at a time
I enjoy living
I see challenges as mirrors so I can let go and be myself.
Is it always easy?
Is it always worth it?
The last 5 years were different than the first 10 years.
In a session now,
a lot more is happening
people need less therapy
and I am happy....
I don't have to test anymore when it is good
for people to come back....
They know and.....
if they don't know
they will find out
and learn to trust their intuition.
For me grounding starts with the mind:
how conscious are you...
For most people a reading of there birth chart
is a start of understanding and realizing
and a beginning of a change....
Reiki/energy healing is a start to let go
of blockages. -the initiations are totaly different than when I did them 5 years ago-
Tapping, healing code, Mir, Ho' oponopono are all energy healing methods to
to clair your mind of patterns that are not good for you anymore
and help you to remember and realize
that you are
That you can be all
that you want to be.....

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