Tuesday 28 May 2019

Transformation and renovation... Part 1

Transformation and renovation has a lot in common.
The first step: making a decision.

When we bought our house years ago,
we found the kitchen to small,
didn't change this because…..
'all kind of reasons'.....
perhaps ;-)….it was not the right time yet.

I am sure you recognize this. 
If you decide to change habits, patterns
and/or situations and
deep down you know it is good to change,
there is a part in you that likes to stay in it's comfortzone.
You find excuses not to change...
till it is the right time...

And then….you realy do it,
you make a decision and prepare.
For a house it means looking for a contractor,
making plans and at that moment,
little things start to change.
We removed the tiles at the back of our house
and realised there were more then we thought:
good that we took time to do this...

Then something in your live happens and you
decide that it is time to realy change.
You recognize your patterns 
and start reacting differently. 
You can decide to ask for help,
so you don't have to go trough it
all by yourself.
It can be your spouse, friends,
a therapist, a course or a good book.

On the outside you don't see a lot of difference,
but there is a start.
You can not go back.....the contractor will start,
you made a commitment.

People around you don't see a lot of difference yet,
you made a commitment with yourself to change
and made the biggest step....
the first one…

Then the old parts have to go and this goes quick.
It looks as if only the outside changes,
that isn't the case....
the inside will as well.

Make sure you are grateful for the old parts:
they where in your life a long time
and served you.
You needed it hen.
Now you are ready for something new,
and are prepared to let go of the old.

In this first week, a very special woman left this earth.
She was 86 and young……
someone who changed my life.
She lived her life listening to her 'gut feeling'.
She did what was right even though others
were afraid to do so.
That is not easy to do in this time, 
but in the past it was even more challenging.
Sometimes family members didn't talk to her 
and that hurt her, however
she didn't change her opinion
if she thought/knew something wasn't right.
She is now in a new place,
a better place. She let go of her body,

After this there was lots of drilling,
lots of noise,
people under de floor made changes
to make sure there were enough cabels and pipes
for the new part of the house.
From the outside you didn't see a lot of changes,
after the first decision was made,
however in the base there was a big change.

We were invited at a wedding. 
They started a new life together.
This was the end of their big renovation
and a start of a new life together.
Two different families come together,
and became a new one.

The last years they let go of old patterns, 
made new habits  
to make a new base,
We all saw the love and a new family.

To become a family like this
takes time, patience and trust...
They took the time, trusted and....
are enjoying their honeymoon right now :-)

Then the next step:
pouring of concrete.
It looks if nothing happend
but it did.. 
A lot of people helped:
they worked together, respected each other,
and a bad mood was met with humor
instead of anger,
so everything went smooth.
And then…….
we had to wait…
patience and trust...

This part is the hard part in transformation:
you don't see the result yet,
it is as a flower bulb or a seed:
you Know there will be something nice
if you trust the proces,
if you are patient...
It will take time,
it can take longer then you like,
but it takes all the time it needs….

It is as with going on a diet,
and not seeing the results ….yet
It is as starting to get fit,
and not seeing the results….yet
It is as grieving, 
you want to go on with your life,
and you will….
if the time is right...

Then the nice part begins:
you  start rebuilding.
If the fundament is good.
it goes quick :-)
And now you want to go on,
to see the end result as quickly as possible
but no.….
You are in a progress,
even though
you don't see it:
some items need to be made
in an other location...
Again: patience and trust.

Duncan Laurence was the winner of the European Songfestival.
Not everyone believed in him in the beginning,
but he believed in himself and 
the people around him believed in him.
He listened to advise AND only took it if it felt good for him.
When he won, and came back to Holland, 
he was 'lost' one day: a day for himself…
Always make sure to remember that YOU are the most important.
Take time for you. 


Till now we had good weather,
there was rain,
but only after the contractor left.

This morning there is rain and it is the first time,
we have 'daylight' in our house....
The next face of renovation…

Now there is no choice,
we have to go on:
tomorrow  a big construction crane is arranged
and the preparations NEEDS to be done...

If you start your transformation,
there comes a time you have to open yourself.
Light will come in unexpectedly
and you can choose what you want to do with it.
Do you want to let it shine on dark sites in you?
Do you choose to let go
and take responsibility
or do you want to blame the one
who made the hole....

Sometimes you HAVE to deal with it,
because it is necessary for the next step....
If you don't deal with it,
it has consequenties....
because you can not go back to how it was..

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