Thursday 2 May 2019


Last month I read a lot of books
and the theme was all about dead...
I didn't choose this theme, it chooses me.

What is dead?
For all people it means something different and
it all has to do with transformation:
letting go of what is, so there is space for something new.
Most of the time there is sadness involved.

….is so different then the end result…..

In the book 'Let me lie' 
it seems that 2 people committed suicide…..
did they or...…?
How is it is to be 'fooled' by people, 
especially if they 'act' so nice…..
How easy it is to judge….and
how challenging it is to let go of old patterns….

Another book was about a mother who lost her son.
How do you deal with emotions and
how do you deal with people who are going through a loss?

'I know how you feel'.....
she was angry when people said this to her,
especially if they didn't lose a son themselves… right.....

I know how it is to lose a brother by a car accident,
I know the feeling how it is to lose a brother and sister by suicide,
I know the feeling to 'lose' brothers because we went different ways….
I saw how it was for my parents to lose a child,
however…..I don't know it myself…. and hope I never  know …

Most people get lots of attention a few months after a loss and then….
it seems forgotten, but for them… is just starting,
and will never go away.
Are you still open for there story's? Or do you want to move on....
Let's make sure that we remember…

We remember this and enjoy it: it is something from the past that remind us that we should slow down and enjoy life -at least that is it for me ;-)-
It is also nice to remember nice story's of all the people who are not here anymore
and had a big impact in our lives.

I love a sentence in a poem which says:
'You are not dead,
 you are only dead if you are forgotten'
That is why it is important to talk about them,
because they were part of our lives.
Our lives will always be different because of them.

I also started with the books the Seven Sisters.
A father who adopted 6 sisters, dies 
and leaves clues to them to find out where they came from.

It is so important  to know your past.
There are so many old emotions that started there
and it is not easy to move on 
if you don't want to go there or can not go there.
If you can accept how is was,
then the past can be a part of the future.
And like in these books, life gives
you always signs on your path.
The story's of the Seven Sisters, 
go all back to there mothers past.
You go back to there families, there past,
and understand the situations, accept, forgive
and also see there power.
They all had  a loving adoptive father
and.....didn't know they were missing something,
till they went on a quest for there past.

By reading these book you realise how important an mother is,
and how important it is for children/adults to find out there past.
If you find your past, you can accept, let go and transform.
It is not always easy....
I am sure it is not always easy to become a butterfly....
it takes time,
lots of patience
and dealing with emotions
-how hungry is the catterpillar….can it find enough to eat to transform..-
We all will make this quest in our life,
most of the time after a 'death'
-could be losing someone, losing a job, losing health etc...-

We will start a renovation of part of our house, 
it will be messy before it becomes beautiful,
I am sure there will be challenges,
and I am sure there will be solutions.
Do I have enough patience;-)
we will see :-)

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