Monday 6 May 2019

Transformation part 2.

The summer months will be very important to all of us.
With Saturn and Pluto retrograde,
it is a time to go inside,
to re-think and re-visit situations,
places and emotions.
Expect to be confronted with fear and shame.

So easy to say, however…..
how is this in daily life?

Most of the time you will be confronted
with situations and/or emotions
that you have been dealing with in the past.
They come back to you
if you thought you had let go,
but didn't…..
If this happens, remember:
Be nice to yourself
it is 'just' a chance to grow….

Realise it all has to do with emotions
that holding on to them takes lots of energy.
So if you feel tired:
most likely you are holding on to something
your soul doesn't want to keep....

If you realise
that  all of a sudden
you go back to unhealthy habits….
be grateful…..
your soul wants to give you a sign
to look inside,
so you can choose to change...

It is Saturn and Pluto,
so the energy has to do with
authority, contracts, growing up, karma,
family patterns
and also with death, rebirth and power.
With creating a balance
between family and work/society
emotions and stability.

It is so easy to stay in the comfort zone
It looks like harmony and peace,
it is...
at the surface only,
and that is not enough for Saturn and Pluto.
It wants REAL harmony, real balance.

Next year jan. both Saturn and Pluto will come together.
The last time they did in Capricorn was in 1516....
so that is a loooooong time ago….
It was the year that Martin Luther protested against
corruption in the catholic church….

World wide we see already that a lot of issues come up:
do governments and companies work for the people
or is there power mis-use and corruption?
We are in a changing world,
a world that should be a safe place for all.

For me……
this is 'the easy side' of it:
we can blame someone else,
we can blame situations,
we can blame society...
If we do, we can stay in an old situation, stay a victim
instead of taking responsibility for our selves
it looks easy,
but isn't in the long run...
It makes us feeling depressed, not happy,
we are born to be our unique self,
and deep down we want to share this with the world.

Can we accept what we can not change
and change what we can….
Do we realise that we are
'powerful beyond measure'

Are we living our dream?
Do we realise
that we only can have true harmony
if we live our truth and be prepared to look into our shadow.
Do I live my dream…..
or do I use excuses...…
Do I want to deal with my shadow and...

Do I recognize when I am IN my shadow?
-feelings of fear, anger, lust, envy or being vulnerable-

Do we Know, we are not our shadow….
Do I know…..Know
that I am powerful…..

In Holland May 5th is liberation day.
For me Jan. 2020 will be a liberation time....
Are we open to transform
are we open to live a life in abundance
abundance for all?
Can we come together and step into the future in a new way,
a way that is good for all?

The last time Saturn and Pluto came together
in another sign -Libra- was in 1982.
It started a new period,
that had to do with relationships,
loving yourself.

If you look back at that time,
you see that relationships changed after that.
More woman started to work outside the home.
Relationships were not 'for ever' anymore
and the divorce rate went up.

As you look around,
you see that it is not always an easy task…..
For most people it is still a challenge:
finding the balance between
loving yourself AND being in a loving relationship.

So with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn together,
we should also have patience…
it will also take time.

Government, family's, company's will not change overnight.
We can help speed it up,
by taking responsibility for our selves.
With the sign of Capricorn,
it is not only personal this time:
it also has to do with the world,
our planet.
We should be leaving it
in a good way for the next generation.

-For people who have there own chart: look at the house where you find 23 degrees of Capricorn. Also look at your personal Saturn. Most likely you can imagine which house in 

If you have personal planets around 23 degrees in the Cardinal signs and/or you moon nodes
are involved, you Know it is a time with lots of changes to make sure you will get a more balanced life.
Be patient, be flexible, love yourself.-

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