Monday 3 June 2019

Transformation and renovation part 2

At the start of June a reminder:
renovation and/or transformation starst with YOU.
With you, to make a decision.

You should be singing this song,
looking in the mirror…
sing it to yourself….

'I wanna love you, and treat you right'.....

A television host told a story
about a time in her life,
she didn't feel good.
'I complaint about my self all the time and was miserable.
Then one day my husband looked at me and said:
'What did you do with my lovely wife! Bring her back to me
and go away, don't treat her like that!'
I stopped….looked at him, shocked and then started laughing.
All of a sudden I realised I behaved as a victim,
and that wasn't me. 
I decided to stop and took action.
Everyday I started to work out 
and was grateful for every little step.
Now I am happy with myself again. 

How do you treat yourself?

Sometimes you need time and patience.
It started for her with a medical issues. 
She had to take medicine.
The side effects of this medicine,
was gaining a lot of weight
and even though she was happy to be healthy again,
her weight was blocking other parts of her life.

With renovation you have 'the same'....
You want to make it better, but it has 'side effects'....
you can decide to be a victim, or you can decide to have patience
and do every day a little bit to help the proces.
you don't have to do it all by yourself!
Be grateful of the people around you.
 I am so grateful for the construction crane….
You will also be confronted by your shadow: 
remember….it is only a shadow….
it is not who you are...
Yes, sometimes it is hard work and that is good as well: 
you feel you can tribute….
...even if it is only mowing the grass that is still there….
so it looks less 'messy'....

Transformation and renovation: 
remember to enjoy the proces,
Know you are not alone AND.....
make time to enjoy…

...Love yourself and treat you well...

Have an amazing June.

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