Wednesday 19 June 2019

Transformation and renovation part 4

What a great book! 
How do we deal with the big changes in our world?
Do we realise what Artificial Intelligence is and does with us?
What do children need to learn in this age?
Do we need to learn facts or 
is this not necessary in this world anymore…..
Perhaps it is better to learn 
how to find out it the facts are real or fake....

For him, children need a lot of mental flexibility
and great reserves of emotional balance.
They have to repeatedly let go of some of what they know best
and feel at home with the unknown….
I agree.
A total different roll for a teacher:
teaching facts is totally different than teaching kids
to embrace the unknown and how to keep their mental balance….
Are teachers ready for this?

'I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free'

How many children 
do have to get burn outs,
feeling left out, depressed 
till we change the system?

Society is not the same as it was 20 years ago
and still we want to keep lots of structures the same….
that is not possible….
Are we prepared to change?
Are we prepared to look at different angles?
Are we prepared to raise our consciousness...

If I look at social media 
I see old and new energy next to each other:
I see people against vaccination and people who are pro.....
Should it not be 
Pro choice?

Also people against abortion and pro....
Should it not be that we are
Pro life and pro choice?

And people against a religion, 
political party's, country's and pro....
Should it not be
Pro life, pro choice an pro respect?

His conclusion: 
transformation start with your self….
sit stil, 
feel what emotions do with You 
choose to responding instead of 
reacting to the outside world….

For me it means
we are prepared to be a student all our live
and be a teacher in the mean time....

Meditation is also for the writer
a way to experiencing the mind, Your mind.....
-as he mentions: 'people talk about the brain,
but your brain is not your mind'-

Let go of how you have to do meditate.....
make sure you know
what way is the best for YOU.

For me swimming and walking is meditation.
For others it is running, fishing,
listening to music.
There is not one way....
make sure you find YOUR way!

It helps you to realise 
that you play a lot of roles in your life
and that You are not these roles.

Am I a wife?
Am I a mother?
Am I a hypnotherapist?
Am I a Reiki Master?
Am I a Astrologer?
Am I a sister?
Am I a traveler?
Am I a cancer survivor?
Am I different?
Am I a therapist?
Am I a teacher?
Am I …….

NO, I am not all that, 
those are only roles I am playing….

I AM Berndien,
it is a work in progress to find out who I really am ;-).
The more I know myself,
the better I can play the roles in my life
and contribute to society.

What has this to do with renovation?
A lot...…
if you realise you are You and not your role,
you transform.
My role
'I am a helper, I have to safe people'
was blocking me.....
I 'forgot' it was a role,
it is not who I am…..

While breaking out the old kitchen,
I could let go of that role.
Not conscious, but subconscious….
I know, because
I felt different after this :-)

I didn't know we 'had' to do that
and wasn't happy in the first place.
In the end it was the best thing that could happen..
I had cuts in my right hand 
from very old tiles….and bruises..
old parts in me were still 'hurting me'
At that time we were told
it was not necessary to get rid of them:
'just stick over it'....
you didn't see the old tiles,
but they were there….
Don't we do that with some old issues?
We don't like to deal with it because
'it is not important'....
and those  - then hidden- emotions will 'hurt' us later on..

It looks clean is clean, however…..
what happens with the old appliances and the old cupboards?
After a call they came to pick up the appliances
-to be honest, I had to call again: they forgot….-
Sometimes we have to show a little effort: 
do we really want to let go?
I see it with people who start a new lifestyle,
are in a new relationship, 
a new job or in a new environment.
It looks good and they are ready to start something new,
are they prepared to let go of all the old? 
It takes time and effort
because 'in the old' were good times as well.....

All the other parts of the kitchen are outside now, 
in pieces....
For almost a week it will be there…..
Probably we need that time to let go.....

In the meantime a big truck came to pour a new concrete flour.
To make sure it was smooth and solid 
they went on it with a special machine
'vlinderen' in Dutch......power floating in Englisch 
but I like the literal translating:

After this we had time....days to let it get strong....
A lot of moist came in the room the days after…

If you change, transform, you need to ground that new part,
you have to get used to it.
It needs to be strong and firm,
it takes time, 
to trust and feel safe.
Some old emotions will come up.

When it settles, you made a commitment,
let go of outdated emotions,
you feel strong and 
you can take the next step:
-You look at certain food and decide not to take it.
-You change your job and know you can deal with the challenges.
-You move to a new country and you know you have it in you to make it a succes.
-Instead of reacting to your ex, mother in law, spouse, child, you respond. know it takes time, 
you will be patient with yourself.
It is like parts of our old kitchen: they are still in front of our house....
some emotions are easier to let go than others….

At the same time we got a message: a delay of tiles….
Most likely we need some more time for the next step
and be grateful for this time.
Time to let go,
time to enjoy life :-)
and do a little work in the garden 

I didn't clean the bricks the first time,
I thought it was not necessary.
Ants were happy: lot of nests, lots of ants
and other insects….
The bricks are clean, at another place
and I have lots of ant bites….
they didn't like me disturbing there nests…

Also time to be creative :-)

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