Monday 30 September 2019

Pluto goes direct: The highest mountain and the deapest cave....

In September Saturn went direct
and this month, October,
Pluto goes direct as well.
It will stay that way till January,
then both planets come together:
Did we transform and take responsibility?

The big transformation started in 2008:
what did you do?
Where in your life did you 'have to' transform,
or did you choose to….
The last year Pluto went over the same degrees,
so we got an extra chance to transform
and....if we didn't do it yet,
we will - have to - do it in Januari.

For some people this sound like 'doom day',
but that isn't the case.
If you feel like this,
probably you have some old habits/pattern,
that you can not let go….yet.
Realise you all the courage inside of you
that you need,
to live the live you where meant to be living:
A life of abundance, love and freedom.
That is different for all of us,
so there is no need for competition,
there is enough for all.

If there are some blockages there,
'life' will help you to let go....
With Pluto it can be drastic:
it wanst total transformation…..
like a renovation of a house ;-)

Our kitchen and garden is almost finished….
still little things need to be done.
It would be easy to blame someone
because it is not totally finished,
I know
that there is probably
some blocking energy...
It is not something big,
but still….
Patience and trust is needed ;-)

-I still don't know why this picture is like this….
I am sure there is a way to turn it,
but I don't know how....yet…;-)-

We went to Mallorca.
This time to a monastery. 
One very high up on a mountain.
Nico, my brother 
had said so many times,
that I should go,
so this time I went.
When I came out of the building,
I saw these stairs…..
When I came closer I saw this sign….

'a dead end street'....
We climbed the stairs:
they were beautiful.

The sights were great

It was not always easy,
especially the last part….
You had to climb on rocks,
to come close to the cross
to have an even better view….

It was very special for me to walk this path,
and when we went down to the sea again,
I let go of a lot of emotions.

Do we really walk the path to the Cross?
Do we really want to have an amazing view?
Do we really want to live life to the fullest?
Do we realise climbing is part of the deal? we KNOW deep down, 
that we don't have to do it alone,
that there always is someone
who will be there for you on your way up....

A dead end street….
yes, life is a dead end street.
While climbing you can enjoy the view
even thought it is tough sometimes.
You can take breaks 
till you have enough energy 
to go on again,
in the end you should look back
and enjoy 
an even better view.

The next day we went to the cave's:
a totally different energy.

Lot's of water at the deepest part and.....
there was a concert of classical music,
the musicians came on a floating boat....

Do we have the courage to go deep inside?
Or better, do we use our courage!
We have it all.. 
Perhaps if would be easier
if we Knew what would happen
and what the outcome would be….
Now we have to trust and be patient,
it seems so hard sometimes
and still
How come we went in this cave,
with a group of people,
with a guide we didn't know.
and trusted that all would go well.

We had to be patient,
wait in the dark, 
and trust that the lights would go on,
and there would be a concert.
We trusted the guide
we never saw before in our life..

How come we 'forgot' that we have this courage?
How come we don't trust our guides and guardian angels

Is it because we still hold on to 
old hurt, old emotions....
How was it for us,
when we where children?

Our body doesn't forget,
its cell memory is very good
and this is not always the best for us
at this moment.
At that time it was good.
It protected you,
NOW you can protect yourself,
you don't need it anymore.
If it blocks you from living the live you want to live,
it is time to look inside and clear
some old memory's.

We came in a small town,
where my brother lived as well.
It was special to feel 
how different the energy can be 
in different places.

I got nice reminders :-)

So we had a good time in Mallorca,
it was emotional,
setting boundaries
and a letting go of a special brother
on a deeper level.
Do you 
'Dare to live your dream'
and Know 
that you are
'Loved to the moon and back?'

You are!!

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