Friday 6 December 2019

The 5 pillars and a tree.......part 1

At the end of 2019 
it is good to look back 
to see what all happend 
and to see how strong you are.

This tree looks strong, probably is strong,
I can not see that by looking at this picture.
If I look at this tree after a fierce storm
and it still looks like this,
then I Know it is a strong tree.

Like with people
we can not see if someone is strong or not.
Like the roots of the tree
make the tree stand tall,
our inner power
makes us stand strong.

Lots of people had 'storms' this year.
How did you deal with your 'storm'?
Can you stand tall, 
like this tree,
let go of leaves,
go inside
and Know that 'next year'
new leaves will start to grow
do you need better roots,
do you need time
to trust 
and start living again
instead of surviving….

For me it helps to look at the 5 pillars.

A few years ago I wrote blogs about the 5 pillars:

This time I will do the same,
but then in English,
starting with 


Your body is your vehicle on this earth,
a vehicle you can not swap like a car….
Did you take care of it, so it took good care of you,
or did it give signs, 
so you HAD to take good care of it.....

We need air, we can not live without it.
Did you take in good air, or did you choose to be in bad air.
 -literally: being in traffic, smoking, city life...
-figuratively: being in energy of negative people. How was this in 2019 you want to change things in 2020? What can you change you want to do this? Water 70% of our body is water and our brain almost 90%. We need water to make sure all kind of processes in our body can work in the best way. -literally: did you drink enough water so your body could detox, and all the processes in your body could work optimal? -figuratively: how did you deal with emotions? Did you deal with them, or did you run away from them? Nutrition. Like a car needs fuel, we need 'fuel' for our body. If you put the wrong gas in your car, it will not run. If you put the wrong nutrition in your body, it will still run.... but not as good as it could be and..... in the end it will also 'not run'. - literally: do you eat as clean as possible, food without pesticides/additives. Luckily our body can protect you from this: it puts it in vet cells, so it will not come into the bloodstream. For people who want to let go of vet cells: that is why you don't feel so good if you let go of these.... the toxins will have to go as well... - figuratively: What did you read, watched this year: was it good for you or do you choose something else for 2020? Exercise. Our body needs half an hour of exercise to function properly and....your head/thinking is part of that as well.. - literally: did you find something that you love to do every day for half an hour or are you going to look for something in 2020. For me this was always easy: walking and swimming. This year it was different for me, and I realised I was 'stuck'.... -figuratively: are you stuck in your life and... do you have the courage to change some old patterns… If you feel 'stuck' it always as to do with the MIND.... we will come back to this later....;-) Relaxation. -literally: Can you BE instead of DO.... -figuratively: How is it in your head: it it quiet or is it always busy... Can you be grateful for your body even if it gave you signs you didn't like? How can you take care of your body in a better way and.....take small steps....they bring you far. Big steps can be to 'scary' for your 'inner child'....yet… By reading the last sentence you realise, that your body is not by it self….. To be in balance you need all the pillars. More next time.

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