Tuesday 31 December 2019


Today December 31,
the last day of the year and the world looked like this:
difficult to see the road
and we still went out.
We had a plan, a goal,
we could not go fast
and had to trust
that we would see the right turns on time.
We realised that everything looked different
and also that distances felt different.

I realised it is a good metaphor for 2020:
We don't know exactly how it goes and
most likely there will be obstacles
Obstacles we will not see clearly, 
but we get signs
so we know what to do  
when we are close:
we deal with the 'obstacles'
or we 'just' past them.
Most important:
if we are not sure how the road goes,
it is important to slow down...
take our time
and Know and Trust
that what we imagine will come into our life.

If we made a plan it will,
and we will learn and grow
from the obstacles and challenges,
Perhaps we will not get 
exactly what we asked for
but get what is best for us...
I made a plan and We made a plan as well.
This is my plan for next year

I also looked closely at 
my and our plan from last year
I was shocked….
In our plan we put a sentence that had a red flag.
Something I always tell people to look for.

It was a whole year on our plan,
and we saw it everyday….
'Our life
Happy days
Not as a reaction, but as choice'

Do you see the red flag?

Just last month I had a talk with Jaap for 2020:
'it seems we didn't choose ourselves,
many times we did something because
something happened or someone mentioned something,
I like to change this in 2020,
and choose ourselves'

Always remember:
'If I ask you not to think about a pink elephant,
what do you think about?
What do you see?'
The Cosmos does not listen to 'not'...
so always tell it what you want!

I took the sentence of and now it says
'Our life
Happy days'
-probably we needed this in 2019...…;-)-

I wish you all a clear and happy 2020
This picture is from a few years back,
made in Qatar.
In Holland we will not see the fireworks because of the fog.

I Will see the fireworks trough this picture,
and trough my memories of that day,
it was amazing!
So I wish you all an amazing 2020:
take your time,
have patience
and lots of fun.


PS: Last time we had so much fog was 2007/2008...
       Do you remember what happened in 2008?

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