Wednesday 30 June 2021

June.....power or control....

 In the month of June the Sun is shining 

in two Astrological signs:

Gemini, the planet of communication,

Cancer, the planet of family, emotions.

My dad and my grandma choose to be born in June

and my sister and brother decided to leave this world in June.

So June is an important month for me.

The sun is shining all the time,

even if we don't see it. 

Clouds can block it, 

only.....they will move on:

the sun will always be there....

Everyone of us 

has a Gemini and Cancer part in his Astrological chart.

In the month of June the Sun will shine on that part....

every year again.

If you choose to be born in these months,

you are someone who likes to communicate with lot's of people,

you could be very good with the internet

or in business.


If there are 'clouds' in front of it, 

it could be that you love to gossip......

talk to get something from someone else 

instead to talking to communicate...

Perhaps people in your youth thought you talked to much

and didn't like that,

perhaps you experienced business people without integrity,

and did you forget your talent of networking.

How do you communicate with yourself?

Are you open or are you judgemental?

If you were born when the Sun was shining in Cancer,

you are someone 

who wants to take care of people who are vulnerable,

you feel lot's of emotions, 

your family is very important for you.

Perhaps people in your youth didn't see how vulnerable you were

and hurt you unintentionally.....'clouds' appaired.....

To protect yourself you put walls around your emotions

and started to help others,

sometimes even when others didn't  want to be helped.

You 'think' you know better than they do....

you 'need' to protect them....because 'they can not do it for themselves'.

How do you deal with your emotions?

Who was there to protect YOU.....?

Are you judgemental towards your family or 

'the big family'.....society?

With the eclipse 

these parts are highlighted in all of us....

Are there old patterns that we need to address?

Can we deal with the Sun shining on these parts,

or do we focus on the clouds.......

The Sun is shining effortless, 

without just is....

Can you 'just Be'......

Look around you: 

do you see power, or do you see control......

Can you see the difference?

Most likely you see parts in your life 

were you use your power

and other parts 

were you are still believe you have to be in control.....

I do.....

When I look at my grandma, I see a powerful woman.

A woman who lived through the war, was a business woman

and mother of 14 children.

She lived in a time that 'surviving' was a powerful energy....

When I look at my dad, I see a powerful man,

who went to fight in Indonesia,

and saw things who were not right.....

He came back as another man......

how did his 13 siblings deal with this, and how did he?

My sister was with me when we saw our little brother, Huub,

being killed by a car accident.

My mom send her to go with my aunt, 

so she would not experience all the turmoil.....

My brother was born a year 

after my brother was killed by that car accident.

We talked about Huub in our family,

he was there in pictures only......

emotion we put behind a wall....

We were a powerful family,

who needed to be in control.....

There is no good or bad,

there are 'only' mirrors.....

and we can decide to look in them....or not....

And if we look in them,

we see OUR version......

When we look at our life,

we see if we are happy with this version...

If not.....we can look again in the mirror,

and make another change.

We live in a different world now,

and we have other ways to protect ourselves

and be 

who we want to be.....

How is the month of June for you?

Did you make change?

Could you bring some walls down,

let old emotions go and realise

that by bringing these walls down,

positive emotions could come in as well?

Could you talk with compassion with your self?

Do you have more compassion with others?

This is changing DNA.......

YOU can make the change....

YOU are 'powerful beyond measure'

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