Friday 25 June 2021

Is there something in your bag that is not yours?

 We all come to this earth with a bag....

a backpack probably.....

Lot's of talents and challenges are in it,

items we choose to deal with in this live,

because deep down we Knew,

we came also with the power to do this.

And then:

Life happens.....

We are helpless and vulnerable

and can not use our inner power ....yet

Our way of communication

is not always understood by our parents,

our siblings, our family and society....


we 'forgot'......

forgot our talents and our power,

forgot we 'only' have to deal with our own 'stuff'.....

We start filling our bags with 'stuff' from people around us.

People we need and love 

to survive in this world.

'Stuff' we 'think' will help the other 

to have an easier life,


'if we take it from them.....

they will accept us and love us more......'

Are we ready to give Ourselves what we need?

Are we prepared to let go of the old behavior?

Are we prepared to give 'the stuff' back to 

the people we took it from

because now we realise we 'stole' it from them.....

By taking it from them, 

we are blocking their path of healing and happiness

and making our own 

too heavy and slow....

blocking our own path of healing and happiness as well..

Emotions, body pains, 

mirrors from loved ones,

mirrors from society are all 'helping us'.....

We still have our free will,

we still have a choice....

we don't have to deal with it......yet....

Our soul will give us as much changes

as we need to......

The Europe soccer tournament and the new law in Hungary....

'They don't belong in the European Union like this' - prime minister in Holland-

The UEFA didn't want to make a statement -Saturn-,

only.....'the people' did! - Uranus-

We are all equal, 

we all should have the opportunity

to be ourselves AND be respected.

Be unique AND part of society.....

it is our birthright.....

The law in Hungary is one from the old world

one that shouldn't be here anymore.....

probably it is a mirror that there are still some people

who are ready to step in this 'new world'....

Some country's are opening up, 


with the same numbers of Covid patients, 


Is it because the government -Saturn- wants to protect

or is it because they don't trust 'the people' - Uranus-

to be ready to take their responsibility.........

Still, lot's of time,

 no electricity in Lebanon.....

What is going on?!?

.....we shouldn't tolerate what is not right......

We also should check if it is our intuitions talking,

or our old emotions......

Do we need to set boundaries...

do we need to forgive.....

Make sure you deal with your own emotions first,

give back 'stuff' you picked up from others/society and

be responsible for your own life.

Realise everyone came with 'a bag/backpack'....

be patient and compassionate.....

Sometimes you have to be patient

and wait till the storm will pass..

Sometimes you need to look inside

instead of looking outside:

The covid restrictions 'helped':

we got the time to look inside and 

find out what makes us happy....

It made us realise how powerful nature is,

and that we are not always be respectful towards it....

Do we still remember this and 

will we make long lasting changes?

No electricity a lot of the time:

you have to make choices how to use it,

only use it for what is most important.....

Uranus is electricity and also social media:

do we get the right information by social media,

or are we, by using it,

 programmed by AI....

do we forget to think for ourselves....

Is it a mirror for some of the 'stuff' we have in our bag

and is it blocking our own power to think

and be unique...

I am thankful for all the 'stuff' I had in my bag...

By dealing with it, 

I am the person who I am now.

I am more compassionate and more patient.

I am thankful for my heritage...

my ancestors, past lives.

When dealing with the challenges 

I felt more and more my inner power.

I felt the different between love 

and unconditional love.

Sometimes I had to sit out the storm,

sometimes my body 'helped' me to set a next step

and let go of emotions.

My parents, my siblings, my husband, our children

were and are great mirrors

as are all the different society's I lived in.

My bag is lighter, 

life is easier and more happy


there are still challenges ;-)

Isn't that great!

It means there is still growing going on.

Isn't that what we all wish:

Becoming the person we are meant to be,

between the people around us.

Doing what makes us happy 

and by this 

helping others to make their life

a bit happier and more meaningful as well.

If we keep 'stuff' from others in our pack pack,

if we don't deal with ours,

we will give it as 'a present' to our kids,

and our society.......

They have to deal with it ....

one way or the other....

It is as with 'our stuff' in nature....

Wouldn't it be great

that we choose to deal with our own emotions in this life time,

so we can stop this cycle for the future generations.

Nature can not deal with our 'stuff'....

we have to do it ourselves,

like we can not deal and solve emotions for others:

they have to deal with it themselves....

We can choose to be patient, compassionate,

being a mirror,

'being the change you want to see in this world'.

Enjoying walking our path,

with a backpack that is lighter and lighter!

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