Wednesday 16 June 2021

What is your focus?

Are you ready for change?

We had the second Uranus/Saturn square.

Are you focussing on the new?

Can you move on from the process of Awakening,

to the process of a higher level of your self: Ascension?

Someone posted this and I realised this is exactly

what is going on:

Can we/I be the change and lead by example....

More and more I see the last parts of an old society.

I also see how many people are the pathfinders in our society:

people who started the change....

A couple celebrated their 50th anniversary

and when talking about it, 

said that it went easy,

they felt accepted and respected.......

a gay couple...

They 'just' lived their live,

did what they loved to do,

and by that made a change in society.

Being gay.....was 'just' a part of them.

They lead by example,

I am not sure if they even realise it....

A special men left the earth last week.

A very religious men, 'old school'.....

loves Latin, loves 'how it was' and......

also proud of his son,

who is living his life in another way 

AND still asked his advise.

There will be a Latin mass for him....

to honor him.

It will be one of the last masses this way....I think..

More and more we Know, 

WE make the chance,

not a Christian, Muslim, Jewish or protestant faith.

All religion have one thing in common:

LOVE.....unconditional love....

Young parents with children 

find ways 

to be a parent AND be themselves,

do something for

More and more  they decide 

to have a -as good as- balanced live.

They realise that money is nothing 

if there is no love, no happiness.

They make choices, 

so they can be part of their children's life

and develop themselves as well.

Grandparents who are involved 

are setting boundaries too:

they want to be part of their grandchildren's life

and help their children,

but....they also want to have the freedom to live their life.

New energy.....

The crown princess of Holland

rejected her allowance -she will be 18 soon-

'I don't do much yet and it is not fair

for other students that I get it'.

New energy....

It also gives her the freedom 

to live her life as she wishes....a bit longer.

Israel want to change his leader,

people don't accept it anymore......

We still have one more Saturn/Uranus square in December.... 

People in political parties are standing up

for themselves and leave party's because they don't feel


Old politics are not working anymore.

We are not victims.....

we, as those politicians,

can use our courage to step out.

More and more you hear people say:

'I am not sure who is right......I don't know all...

We are 'awake'....more open....

New energy....

Next week Mercury will go direct again:

we will get opportunity's to choose differently,

or take actions on what we chanced inside of us

the last weeks....

Do we need to speak up?

Should we let go of  'the truth' because we realised

it was 'just' a truth?

 More and more country's are opening up.

More and more we have the freedom to go were we choose to go.

More and more we realise we have a choice.......

Can we make a new choice?

Are we ready yet or.....

do we 'go on' in the old energy again.....

I think most of us are ready for the next step,

there will be some old energy,

but that will be the last......

Perhaps persistent, but....

I believe it will go the coming years.

Will we be tested?

For sure.....I am already;-)

and I am sure you will to....

Just remember: 

we have a choice to use our courage

or stay a victim.......

Energy is fair,

energy will sort it out ;-)

energy is not good or bad,

it 'just is'.....


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