Friday 15 October 2021

Do we want a new world and......are we prepared to take responsibility for this?

Social Media was down.....

Norway had a bow and arrow attack and lot's of people died....

Lebanon had a shooting....

In Holland they found people lying in there house

in different city's....dead for weeks.....

Mercury retrograde is in the sign of Libra,

Saturn in the sign of Aquarius......

both planets will go direct very soon....

How do we communicate with each other?

Is social media our main source 

or do we talk face to face......

Do we take the time to connect,

are we prepared to look at each other

knowing we all are going through 'tough' experiences

or is our pain blocking us.....

and are we afraid to deal with our pain...

Can you express your feelings, 

set your boundaries

or are you afraid someone will be hurt.....


because there is still a part in you that is vulnerable...

It could also be, 

that it looks like you aren't afraid,

because you are reacting in a forceful way

and people don't realise that this is hiding hurt as well.....

The numbers of Covid contaminations are going up again

and I wonder how much pain and hurt we still have in society...

Old hurt and pain that wants and needs to go away,

if we choose to step into the 'new world'...

If I hear and read what is going on all over the world,

I wonder what we need more to heal this......

Do we respect each other,

-as the sign of Aquarius wants to remember us-

do we Know we are a society

and in it together?

Do we know and remember that freedom

can only be freedom if there are rules.

Governments, organisations are made to help...

to make sure we all feel free,

rules to help us, like traffic rules.... 

We as society changed and need some new rules

and let go of outdated ones,


are we ready......

ready to take our responsibility?

Ready to deal with the hurt and pain

that is still in us, in our society, in our world?

We can not change as society,

if we are not prepared to look in ourselves

and take responsibility....

How is in your family -a small society-

are you taking your responsibility?

Do you speak up and Know 

that even though they don't agree,

they still love you

or is there manipulation.

Manipulation you also see in the world -big society-

 'If you do this, don't belong'...

Power over instead of Power/Just Be

-a good movie about this theme is 'Just mercy'

JUST MERCY Official Trailer - YouTube  -

Your body is communicating to you as well:

if you 'thought' you did very well,


your soul wants you to remind there are some

unsolved issues,

it will let you know....

What is your body telling you?

Are you tired?

Do you have an infection?

Do you have hives or a bad cough?

Do you have skin challenges?

Listen to your body: 

it wants to 'help' you to bring you in balance again....

Sometimes the consequences of taking good care off you

is to walk away,

walk away from people you love.

Make sure you do it from an energy of peace....

and bless the people who are not in your life anymore.

Know that, when the time is right,

they will come back into your life 

and if not, you wish them all the best.

This is not easy.....especially if it is one of  your parents, 

your children,

your siblings or good friends....

I hope you find this peace:

if you feel it,

you helped the world to go to the next level......


we are all One..

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