Monday 25 October 2021

Just Be.....part 2

When I look at children, 

I see that often they have to do

what 'we/adults think is best'.....

I can imagine they feel like 

life is kicking them around sometimes....

Hopefully they have parents

who will let them feel that it is 

'just part of life' and it will make them stronger.

It doesn't mean they are less loved....

Our parents/grandparents lived in a different time,

had different pasts and their main goal

was 'to survive'......

Often they couldn't live the life they wanted,

they 'just' had to live the life 

that made sure

they could feed themselves and their family.

What they really loved,

 they did,

if there was time.... 

time that was left after doing 

what was needed...

Now we have more choices, it getting easier?

More children have to deal with divorce,

there is pressure of social media....

All signs of a bigger world,

and choices we can make now.

How do we make these choices?

Did your parents see their own worth?

How were they treated by the people around them?

Did they feel they had to proof themselves

in order to be loved?

Did you inherit some of this believes,

is it still in your cell memory?

Old patterns die hard.....

you have to be conscious of them

to let them go....

I re-read the book

'Illness, inconvenient but healthy'....

A book that fits in our time:

we want to be 'healthy' quick.

We see 'illness' as something that is 'not good',

something to avoid.....

We see ourselves and our body

as two different things.

I agree with the writer of this book

that illness is 'just' a sign.....

Illness helps us to bring balance,

where you were of balance...

It seems that we have two choices to heal:

'conventional medicine'

and 'alternative medicine'.

Both want to heal the body,

the difference between the two 

is that the one is most of the time

more friendly for the body than the other.

Both of them 'want' to heal as quickly as possible.

Sometimes I have the feeling that 'alternative medicine'

is now used just as how 'conventional medicine' is used....

It seems that both forgot 

that a person is something more

than just a body.....

We can use both to help heal the body


we should involve our mind as well....

Do we take the time to heal......

or don't we have the time for it.....

An MD said ones:

'With the doctor it takes 3 weeks and without the doctor

it takes 21 day's to heal

When my mom became ill her sister said:

'how is it possible, she has such a healthy diet

and always goes to church'.....

How do we know we are suffering?

For me 'the cosmos' Knows 

and is helping our soul get it clear.

It does it 

by sending people and their emotions on our path

and by showing us 'pain and aches' in our body.


can we look at it without guilt

and see it as it is, accept it

or do we stay in the old feeling

and do we want it 'to go away'

without taking responsibility....

My coughing is much better AND is still  there.

It is getting better and sometimes I don't have it at all

and starts again.....

The last weeks I realise that there was/is still old pain,

sadness and.....


Anger of not setting boundaries,

anger of not being able to solve other peoples challenges,

anger that I have let other people energy in,

while I  'Knew' I shouldn't......

anger that not all people live in peace and harmony

and 'I have to/should do more'....

I realise I have an issue with 'anger'.....

Part of me is judging this emotion....

'you shouldn't be angry'

It is as if part of me 

the emotion anger 

confuses with violence....

Anger is an emotion to help set boundaries,

to let the other(s) know 

that you feel something is not right for you

and you want to be heard.

What if you feel you are not being heard,

people don't take you serious,

you feel they reject you if you speak up...

You have a choice

to run away from that feeling,

or being 'violent'.....

As an adult 

you have one more choice:

move away.....

because you Know you are being loved....

My old pain goes away by bits and pieces,

the coughing is getting less....

It has to do with pain and loss 

and confusing it with love/not being loved.

Every time I let go, something changes

AND I am being 'tested' by life:

'can I set boundaries now,

do I feel ok, that some people are not ok?'

I believe we all are leaders,

we all want to bring people together.....


we have to make sure we are whole again ourselves first.

Recognize the separation in ourselves

before we can lead ourselves.....

If we feel whole again,

we want to bring people together,

we trust and Know that

we 'only have to lead by example'

We 'just have to Be...'

We are still in the shadow of the retrograde planets:

can you take steps to be a leader again?

Do you take time to be whole again?

Do you think for yourself,

do you check?

Uranus and Neptune are still retrograde till the end of the year

and we have the Sun in Scorpio!

No electricity,

prices of fuel are rising,

more covid contaminations:

do you feel fear or do you trust.....

Can you accept that what is going on now,

is here to 'help' us......

Probably the only way for us 'to wake up'

and to prepare us for 'a different world'....

Most likely the only way 

to look at our own unhealthy believes.

Believes that are preventing us

from who we are and what we are:

Powerful beyond measure,

and unconditional love.

Let's remember

and see our 'signs' as 'help'

-even though we would have liked it another way-

Let's slow down,

take our time

and enjoy.....

Enjoy people, 

enjoy nature,

enjoy time.

'Illness, inconvenient but healthy'


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