Wednesday 20 October 2021

Just Be..


looking outside,

looking at the future.

Feeling safe,

feeling safe to investigate,

to wonder.....

to be curious. 

She can do this

because she feels she is protected

so she can grow

to be herself,

live Her life.

One year ago we didn't know you,

and now 

we can not imagine a world without you.

If I look back 

I see a lot of similarities with the energy we live in:

a time of change,

a 'chaordic' time.

-chaoridic: a chaos before a new order-

The parents of Zoe had no idea there would be a 'crises'.

They had to let go of expectations of people visiting,

and visiting people.....

They had to make a safe place together,

for themselves and for Zoe

without a lot of physical support...

Challenging and also experiencing

that they could do more 

than they thought they could!

Like all of us they had challenges.

They had to let go of control.....

and make sure they lived Their life


make sure they protected the little life 

that they invited in their life's as well.

Can you relate?

Where did you have to let go of control,

didn't life go in the way you 'wanted' it to be?

Could you let go of control

and accept?

She was born at the day more restrictions 

went into place....

Time to go inside,

time to 'rest',

time to let go and let new energy in.

Time to experience 

that you are more powerful than you expected.

Also time to accept and....

instead of focus on what you couldn't do,

focus on what you COULD do.....

How did it go in your life?

Did you focus on what you could do

and found new way's

or did you stay in the past....

couldn't let go of control....?

Zoe 'just' focused on eating, 

being hugged by mom and dad 

and made sure the same mom and dad

got less sleep than they wanted to....


that was ok.....

They choose to let go of control and found a way

to live their own life 


make a safe environment for Zoe.

After a few months she even had her first airplane experience,

something new and......she 'just' experienced it and was ok.

Could you do the same?

Could you trust the people around you,

the 'government' and trust they do what is best for you

so you could move on or....

couldn't you trust them........

and by that you felt you were 'stuck'......

How safe do you feel now?

Do you Know you are protected

and can move forward?

Do you feel 

that you are much more powerful than you thought?

Then she started crawling, her world became bigger


her environment needed to be made 'safe' for her.....

She couldn't see the consequences of her actions... yet


she didn't have to.....

She tried opening drawers,

standing up on unstable objects,

climbing stairs and

eating stuff that shouldn't be eaten.

If something was not ok, 

her parents made sure she was protected

and set boundaries.

Now her life is even bigger,

and more loving adults are around

to guide her in her life.

They also have to set boundaries sometimes,

to make sure she is safe.

Do you feel you are protected?

Do you feel you are allowed to make 'a mistake'

just because it is a way of learning,

a way of life?

Her world became bigger when she went

to her 'day mom'.

She is happy with her new friends, animals

and mom is happy to go back to 'normal' life.

Zoe had to get used to it at the beginning:

a bigger world and new people in her life.

Her parents gave her time...

Her parents had to get used to it as well:

time to find out how to be all they are 


combine it with being a parent as well....


We have to get used to a bigger world as well,

and also a 'new'/different world,

we get time.....

Are we ready to deal with bigger responsibility's

are we ready for a 'bigger world'/ new world,

to be part of a bigger community


do we need more time.

Are we feeling safe enough to take the next step

or not.....

Is it because of the world,

or is it because of unsolved issues inside of us....

Don't we want to let go of control,

and has it to go as we imagined 

or are we open for what is:


and Knowing we are protected....

Zoe is taking her first steps and....falls.....

and laughs.....

She Knows it is ok what she does,

no pressures, just Be.

Be and grow in her own time....

A mirror for us.

I hope and wish you allow yourself to Be,

you allow people around you to Be

and.....celebrate life.

Let control go and be open for what is amazed...


Zoe's name means 'life'.....

I am grateful that she came into our lives

and I am sure she will build her own life

in the way she loves to and is meant to be.

I am also grateful for all the other children in my life

and I 'just' checked the meaning of their names....

Do you know what the meaning is of your name?

Yasmin: strong need for freedom, physical, mental and spiritual, 

               desire to inspire and lead

Lucas: bringer of light.

Aimee: beloved

Mads: gift of God

Jeld: Unpredictable, Adorable, confident.

Lot: hidden, covered, wrapped up

Noor: divine light....

All these and all other children are our mirror,

and a reminder:

they will build the 'new world',

are we helping them to make it 

as smooth as possible?

Bless the children....

they show us the future...

Bless us...

we can make sure that their road in life

can be more easy and more smooth

if we choose to let them live their own life

because we dealt with ours....

Happy birthday Zoe!

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