Wednesday 5 January 2022

We are One.....are you open to remember?

Just read it again:

'In each of Us, there is a little of all of us,

We are One.'......

Take it in...

Feel it.......

What does this mean for you?

If we are all One, 

it means that we can stop defending or proving ourselves.

It means that if we blame others, we blame ourselves....

It means that if we feel others are naïf, we are naïf..

It means we can relax.......

The only thing we have to do is to be the best we can be....

The only thing we have to do is to be grateful,

enjoy life:

'be the change we want to see in the world.....'

Do you think this is 'to easy',

'to simple' to be truth?

Just start today.....

and you will realise 

that this is not as easy and simple as it seems....

This is Neptune as mature energy instead of immature energy.

This is Neptune out of the fog.....

out of self pity, 

self blame, addictions and feeling a victim.

We are all One.....

why should you waste your time

by proving you are good?

You ARE good,

you ARE an unique part of this Oneness....

Because of all your experiences you are the person you are now.

You experienced live

and collected some believes 

that appaired to be 'immature' believes.

Proving yourself is one of them....

Because of your experiences you understand others,

you are more understanding and compassionate.

You also learned to set boundaries to protect YOU,

the unique part of this Oneness 

so this part can be what it always was: a leader.

Not a leader as 'being a boss', 

but a leader between other leaders.

Trusting each other to do what is needed

and Knowing the other has a different talent than you have

so you don't have to do it all!

Because of this, we as a group

have everything we need to thrive and flourish

as a group, as society.....

The 'only' thing we have to make sure,

is to heal our 'immature' emotions.....

What is your dream?
Can you still connect with this dream?
Or is it hidden under emotions....
Is it to have lot's of money?
Is it to have a great job?
Is it to have the perfect partner/kids?

I believe deep down we all have the same dream:
to be happy, healthy and in peace
with loving people around us.

I also believe that we all want to contribute 
to the people around us 
with our unique gift 
so we all can even be more happy, healthy and in peace.

Deep down we Know we have this gift.....
we 'only' have to let go of proving ourselves
and start remembering that we ARE...

We have to recognize our emotions,
accept them,
 let them be the fertilizer.....
Let go of guild and shame
and remember our dream......

How is it with your dream?
Do you see/feel/experience happiness in your life?
Do you still feel you are not doing enough?

With the Neptune/Pisces energy this year we get help:
make sure you relax,
enjoy music,
enjoy nature,
enjoy a walk,
and be open to signs, synchronicity.... 

set boundaries when needed,
don't believe everything you read on social media,
don't be mislead and......if you do:
acknowledge it....
We are all in a process of healing:
have compassion with yourself as you have with others:
We are all One....

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