Monday 17 January 2022

We are One....the next step.....

 I started writing a blog about the energy that starts this week:

an energy of change,

an energy that will bring up 

misuse of power,

energy of fear....

I thought about prince Andrew and the case against him

and realised that the Moon nodes are changing 

at the same time as Uranus goes direct.

This, in a time when Venus and Mercury is retrograde...

What does this mean?

Moon nodes.

The last 2 years the Moons Nodes were in Gemini/Sagittarius

Moons Nodes show two sides: 

we need to come out of our comfort zone

and examine if everything we think is the truth,

is still the truth or......

do we have to add something,

change something

something we didn't know before and know now.

Can we combine them and bring them in balance

or do we stay in our comfort zone.....

Both sides have an immature and mature side....

Sagittarius can preach and point fingers or 

can bring wisdom and vision,

Gemini can gossip and being dishonest 

and avoid confrontation by using small talk.

It can also make sure you connect with people 

in an easy way, being playful.

It also good is about communications, media.

Gemini also has to do with your lungs......

The virus made sure we had to come out of our comfort zone:

we can not deal with a new virus in an old way.....

and with Uranus/Saturn: don't through everything away that is 'old'......

I experienced doctors/ lawmakers/ scientist say: 'we don't know',

or 'we would have done it different if we knew then what we know now'.

I also experienced people who followed 'guru's'

forgetting that we all are our own 'guru'.

As from this week the Nodes change into Scorpio/Taurus.

Taurus the sign that has connection with Venus,

the planet that is retrograde at the moment:

do you feel safe and secure, do you love yourself,

do you have enough money to live the life you choose to live,

do you enjoy live, are you being patient, 

do you take care of your body/nature.

It is in the same sign as Uranus,

the change that started in 2018......

In Holland the 'comfort zone' came to an end 

this weekend in an Uranus way:

Scorpio energy in a 'immature way'.

It showed misuse of power, of sexuality,

of hiding information,

being dishonest......

It's like the 'me too' movement all over again.....

Most likely there is more to expose.....

we were side tracked.....

We will see this energy the coming years in the outside world,

only that is 'just a mirror'....

What are we going to do the coming 2 years?

Can we take the next step

and see were we gave our power away

and take it back?

With Venus retrograde,

people from the past can come into your life again.

Most likely because you have 

some unsolved business/healing to do.

Be open and enjoy the re-connection....

The last 2 years there was a 'lot of talking',

'gossiping', social media.....

It is great that we can connect with each other,

world wide, in such an easy way.

I couldn't have worked with people while in lockdown

if there wasn't  social media,

We couldn't have been part 

of the life of our granddaughter so much 

if it weren't for social media.

So I am grateful for it and learned a lot.

I also learned about logarithm and how I can be played by it,

so I am more alert....

The coming years are about feeling safe and secure,

about fears we didn't dealt with,

about being patient 

and realising what is really important.

How much money do we need to be happy?

Do we live our passion or are we a prisoner of  money/stuff.

Are we in unconditional relationships or do we feel trapped

and do we feel we have to accept what we have

because there is nothing better for us....

One of the accused in Holland took responsibility

and send out a message:

'It is true, I did this

and it happened a few years ago.

I didn't mean any harm but

I know now that it is not how the victims,

felt, and I am sorry.

I confessed to my wife and we broke up.

After therapy we came together 

and I am very grateful for that.

I stop with my work in this program.'

How brave to admit this in public,

most people don't 

and keep on defending themselves,

not thinking about the victims....

He took responsibility and I thought this was a great step.

The only thing is: 

we have this Scorpio energy....

it doesn't want anything halfway.....

it wants to clear the energy totally....

It seems he wasn't totally honest with his wife

and they brook up again.....

How honest are you?

With Mercury retrograde and Venus retrograde

you get the change to change this....

you will get the mirrors.....

If you feel you are judging:

look inside.......

most likely there is something inside of you that needs healing....

Do you still judge yourself for things you did when you didn't know better?

look inside......

and Know you did the best you could at that time,

now you take a first step to manifest the life you desire.

Do you have power issues with yourself, your body,

look inside.....

be respectful and understanding.

Now you have the power to change eating habits,

one step at a time....

literlly as well....start walking ;-)

Did you misuse power or are you manipulating,

look inside.....

Start healing: 

connect with people, 

accept, let go and forgive.

A lot of people look at celebrities as people who 

have everything they want.....


We are all One.....

We are in the same boat,

on our unique path,

so we can become 

who we are already from the inside:

Light and love, 

unconditionally love

so we can live a peaceful life.

Also realising we don't desire the same,

so there is enough for everyone

and we can stop competing with each other.

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