Monday 3 January 2022

Let's start an amazing 2022: Enjoy, love and trust.

 2022 is all about the results of our healing journey:

are we acting from power, do we set boundaries,

or are we acting from our unhealed wounds and

are we still pointing fingers....

I talked about the bridge between Saturn and Uranus

in blogs before, this bridge is called Chiron,

the wounded healer.

This year we will be tested if our wounds are healed

or need some more looking into.

If we are on the path of healing, 

we get an energy of flow,

of being authentic and unique.

We will feel free,

even if there are rules,

because we Know deep down that

these rules are there to make sure

everyone can be free.....

-a red traffic light is not always fun,

but makes sure we are safe and free...-

We are building at a new society 

were we can be a leader,

and trust others with different quality's

and see them as leaders as well.


we work at a world

with respect for each other

using each others quality's

Knowing we are all One.

There is also a challenge in 2020.....


do we trust and Know we are all one,

or do we feel a victim and are we using this energy

to 'fight and point fingers'......

In 2021 there were riots in Holland 'against Corona rules'


a lot of people were rioting because they were

angry at the situation they were in,

and used 'Corona' to lash out.......

I hope and wish they will look inside

and get help were they need it.....

The omicron variant of Corona is very contagious

but....doesn't make people very sick.....

Are we still afraid, or do we realise that 

being sick is also healthy: 

it gives us time to bring balance in our life again,

were it was out of balance....

Do we trust our self healing mechanism of our body?

Do we trust others/vaccinations/doctors/ ministers

to do what they do we also trust ourselves? leaders trust us,

to open up society again...

realising we are -most of us- responsible....

I know a few family's who had to be in quarantine

because of the omicron variant.

They were not very sick quality time together.....

How special in this time

with Pluto/Venus. 

This energy/the cosmos, 'made sure'

they got the time.....Pluto is a demanding energy ;-)

This is also the energy for 2022:

how are you relationships and.....

how critical are you towards yourself......

how do you talk to yourself?

How do you treat your inner child?

Can you be as compassionate, understanding and loving

towards yourself as you are with others....

If you can this, 

you Know you treat your inner child well.....

This year Jupiter, 

the planet of growing, healing has no aspects:

we will see this energy in extreme ways: 

sometimes we trust and go with the flow,

and sometimes we feel like we are victims,

and can develop addictions 

or will realise we are addicted.

It could be we realise we are

addicted to work, pleasing others,

smoking/drinking/, following gurus/influencers,

following rules of society that are outdated.

We could also start protesting with like minded people,


can we do it from trust and intuition 

or do we do it from a feeling of being a victim..

You can choose to take action......

and by action I mean: action for your personally.

You could start walking, yoga, or reading inspiring books.

-I believe I can trust books more than some articles I see on the internet...-

You can choose to ask: 'is this the truth, a truth 

or did I end up in an algorithm?'

'Learn to find joy in the story you are actually living'......

2022 is a year of leadership,

of doing what YOU like to do,

and BE the change you want to see in the world...

The challenge is if you are a leader who is on a path of healing,

or are you acting from a wounded leader.

If you are the last one, 

you will act as a 'dictator or manipulator'.

Most likely you will see this energy in parts of your life....

if you do, you know there is a wounded leader

and you have a choice to heal this part.

If you do, you will go from manipulating 

to attracting what you like.

Do you trust.....or do you point fingers......

Do you choose to listen to your intuition

or are you reacting from your emotions.

Are you mislead or do you mislead others.....

Do you Know you get just what you need to experience

so you can heal and grow....?

We will repeat experiences as society,

can we do better know?

Can we lead by example

or are we dictating how others need to live.....

There was no fog on new years eve,

it was clear.

There were was not allowed


lot's of people showed it could be done safely.....Uranus...

and sometimes it was not done safely

and people got hurt, even died:

responsibility, Saturn......

Let's choose to be responsible -Saturn-

so we can be free and be part of community -Uranus-.

Let's choose to be forgiving and grateful in 2022.

Let's choose to lead by example.

Let's choose to Be the change we want to see in the world.

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