Saturday 5 February 2022

Power and success....the iceberg illusion.

 The iceberg illusion........

When you look at people who are successful, 

you see an image, a mirror.

People react to that image.

Successful people who are authentic,

don't have to proof anything.

They live their life in a way that is good for them

and they will help others to be successful as well.

How we react to them says something about us,

not about them.

We can see them as an inspiration

or we can see them as a guru.

If we see them as a guru,

then we give our power away.....

and most likely we will get hurt,

not as a punishment,

but to feel our power again.

We have the choice to be a victim

or to be our own 'guru'.

Nelson Mandela became a leader, a successful man.

He was not a 'holy' man.....

he did things in his life that were not good.

There was a lot of hurt in him and he projected this.

He had to take responsibility

and used his jail time to heal, learning patience

and determination.

He forgave and was forgiven and became a leader.

How was it for his followers? Did they heal

or did they show success without healing.....

In South Africa there is still corruption.....

How can you stay in your lane

if people let you believe there is a time limit,

that you have to be as......

I don't believe Nelson Mandela wanted 

people to be who he was....

I believe, he, like Ghandi,

showed us to 'Be the change you want to see in this world'.

They showed us to lead by example.

Dealing with the past

takes time, sacrifices and determination.

You only can take this path if you have a vision...

YOUR vision.

How you see your world
has 'nothing' to do with the world....
it has to do with YOU......

How was your youth?
In what country did you grow up?
Was there a  warm community,
did you have compassionate teachers?
All these things are important
to feel safe and secure
so you can live the life you choose to.

Like a seed:
did it get enough water, sun,
was it planted in good soil?
Did it get time to settle, to grow roots,
so it could deal with the winds and the storm?

More and more people realise that what 
'we' thought was 'normal' isn't 'normal at all....
'Men will be men'.....
'People in power will use their power wisely,
and they know all about the people 
who work for them.'

After the 'me too' movement
it looked like people would change...
I am not sure people get it yet....

They talk about education and about how boys should treat woman
and I am shocked....
How come it is about gender.....
For me it should be about people:
How do you treat people......

Can we acknowledge we acted in a way
that in hind site was not appropriate?
Can we acknowledge we feel ashamed and
admit that now we know better,
we do better
do we lash out to hide behind our own guilty feeling.....

I looked at a great movie with this theme:

It is a movie about Mohamedou Ould Shahi,
an innocent men who was detained in Guantamo Bay. 
There was so much hurt about 9/11
and instead of dealing with the pain and hurt,
'they' needed a quick as possible.....
Even if this meant torturing an innocent men...

I knew about the story 
but was shocked
to see how far unhealed people
will go to get what they want......

Luckily there are some people 
who are not afraid,
who go by there inner compass,
and will do what is right,
even if - in the beginning- they are blamed.....

Those people are not shouting, not emotional,
they are firm and determent.....

How determent are you to live YOUR life?

Now it is easy to blame
'South Africa/ America/Men/Woman/Covid':
it will fill books, documentaries, 
talks on the internet
and inspiring movies.

We can also look at it in an other way

Al these 'big events', 'revelations'
helped a big group of people to open up,
to think for themselves,
to heal,
to claim their power back
and expose what is under the surface.

It helped all of us to look inside our own live,
it gave us a chance to reclaim our power.
It gave us a chance to heal......

Mandela had to be in jail 28 years,
Mohamedou Oud Slahi 14 years.....
How about us?
Do you feel free?
Are you happy with your life
or do you need a change?

Are you in 'jail' because you think you have to live like others?
Are you in 'jail' because you bought a house that is to much for you?
Are you in 'jail' because you think you can not change jobs anymore
because 'you are to old/young/sick....'
Are you in 'jail' because you realised that children are not clones of yourself?
Are you in 'jail' because you can not travel?
Are you in 'jail' because you don't have money to buy what 'they' can buy?
Are you in 'jail' because you have so much money but are afraid to spend it?
rivers take care of themselves first:
they make sure there is enough water in them 
so they can give....

Trees make sure they take care of themselves first:
they are so healthy, they can give us fruit.

The sun is full of energy and health,
so it has lot's to share.
Flowers take care of themselves first:
they take the water, let the energy of the sun in
and make sure they are standing firm in the sand,
so it can spread.....

They all show how important it is 
to look 'under the iceberg'....
We only can share if we act as nature show us:
take care of ourselves first.....

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